Natwest latest app update

Authorise payments over a certain amount.
Do you think this is for card payments and part of the Strong Customer Authentication updates?

So how will this work with Natwest/RBS then? Notification, then prompt for PIN/fingerprint?

Also, noticed that the app has lost my fingerprint logon ability on first logon.

There doesn’t appear to be any further information on how this will actually work. Info on their website only mentions that you will receive a ONE TIME PASSWORD (OTP) and doesn’t mention anything about directing to the mobile banking app.

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Natwest on Twitter have confirmed it is for card payments online. image|230x500

Categories will be out this month on both Natwest and RBS apps, at 1st it will just be for current accounts but they are looking at adding it to credit cards also

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I’ve noticed the RBS and presumably NatWest app are showing about half a dozen new features which are coming soon.

Anyone seem more on this?

NatWest / RBS have just added a loyalty card /wallet feature with a fairy extensive list of supported cards.

I know Barclays were trialing this but it hadn’t gone anywhere yet.

It’s probably been there a while but I just realised you can reorder accounts in the app by press and holding on the account :smile: