Natwest - Video banking service

This could be a real winner

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Having used the Barclays video banking service once: No! Just and simply no!

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What was so bad about it? I don’t have a Barclays account but interested to know about what happened.

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Compared to calling them:

  • when you call through the app you are already authenticated. No need for account number, password l, etc: they know whom they are talking to and are ready to roll. Not so through video: you start by giving your sort code and acc no, then password, dob, etc.
  • the video advisor seemed significantly less knowledgeable than the phone advisors usually are.
  • you need a separate app
  • the app consumes inordinate amounts of battery, and makes the phone untouchably hot while running.
  • you need to look presentable (I work from home so that’s not always the case).

Overall with Barclays a phone call seems to be the best and quickest option to get something resolved, particularly because you don’t need to identify yourself.

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Having to do your hair before a video call is such a nightmare, stick to the phone or chat is easier


I wish I had that sort of problem :man_bald:


I’m spending most of my afternoon trying to make the future work.

Installed the Barclays Video app last night. You use the banking app to initiate the call, which in turn fires up the video app and, hey presto, you’re 12th in the queue. :confused:

After around 50 minutes of watching a video loop of a millennial walking and talking to a camera about how utterly fab Barclays Bank is, you’ll find you’ve crawled up to second in the queue.

Once you’re at second in the queue, the app crashes out and so have your chances of talking to someone and having a productive interaction with a bank.

So you telephone them, get passed the the technical department who claim that "video banking is only available during normal office hours."

…and she refused to believe what it says on their own website so we agreed to disagree.

Now, because this is so much of a time-saver (they say you can do this during your lunch break, for instance), you’ll find that you’re gullible enough to give it another go.

So you’ll fire up the app again and you’ll be back to 12th in the queue.

It was daylight when I started. It’s now getting dark. :confused:


…and this time you get the third in the queue before the app crashes and you lose your place.

Load of rubbish. They seem to be copying the challengers with the MVPs.

…how hard would it really have been to hyperlink the telephone number? :rage:

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