Neteller Virtual Card

I am trying to deposit money in fintechs using Neteller Virtual Card. Most of the companys they don’t accept this Neteller Mastercard. My question is, where do you know that it works?

You’ve probably already tried Revolut? I don’t know about Neteller, but Revolut does accept my Virtual Skrill MasterCard for top-up.

I tried. Revolut accepts Skrill Virtual Card but not Neteller Virtual Card.

I think Neteller Virtual Card is working good with payment gateway Redsys but I don’t know what fintech uses it.

Would it work with a payment request like

I can’t try Monzo. It’s only available in UK and I’m spanish. As a payment request? Very strange if with a payment request there is an option to pay with debit card and isn’t in the app debit card top-up available too. And if both options are available why not to use top-up…?

Tested and not working (0 fee top-up):
Revolut, Wirex, Bnext, 2gether, Bitsa, Rebellion, Dipocket, Rewire, Joompay, Twyp, Verse.

Entirely unsurprised that no one will want to take a top-up from them.

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Can u explain why

I don’t actually understand what you are trying to do, you can withdraw from your Neteller account to a bank simply. So seems like either something dodgy is going on, or you don’t know how to use Neteller properly. Takes a few hours at most to get into a UK bank account, much less time than its taken you to open so many accounts.

Neteller has a reputation for being the payment processor you use when payment through ‘the normal channels’ is unavailable/undesirable.

For example at one time, 95% of their revenues came from American customers looking to circumvent federal blocks on online gambling. Neteller processed the payments that couldn’t go through the bank.

Another would be when MasterCard and Visa made it difficult to pay Russian knock-off Napster, AllofMP3, Neteller helped facilitate those payments.

While it’s completely wrong to say Neteller Is dodgy, it’s correct to say many a dodgy person has used a Neteller account where they couldn’t use their bank.

I don’t like to withdrawal to bank because there is a fee and the transaction isn’t immediate.

Neteller and Skrill are the fastest withdrawal methods in Bet365 and other bookmakers. When you are playing surebets it’s important to dispose your money as fast as possible because probably next time you have to bet in a different bookmaker. Nothing dodgy…

I don’t think you read my reply.

I didn’t infer you were doing anything dodgy… I just gave you an example as to why firms treat them with care.

I read your reply.

I just wanna show you that there are legal and not suspicy activities you can do with Neteller without having a better option.

It’s not me you need to convince, I am afraid. It’s those who you you want to use it with.

I appreciate that there are a myriad of uses for such payment schemes… But for a number of reasons banks have decided they’re not worth the hassle.

The problem is all this time you have spent looking for a way to bypass things you would have got the money. I use PayPal on all the betting sites and quick and free withdrawals then you can withdrawn to your bank for free within a few minutes. There is always solutions, and none involve bypassing restrictions.

Hi @mika09

Both @daedal and @Liam has given well-informed information and advice here.

From looking again at your original post, I’d say you have solutions in front of you.

I know previously the alternatives to Neteller but I’m happy with Neteller. I don’t find any solution and if finally I’ll not find, I will continue disposing my money PAYING the withdrawal fee and WAITING for the funds to arrive and thaths all. Still trying to find and app to combine with Neteller.