Netherlands 🇳🇱

(Harry Cross) #1

This was one of the longer and more informative posts over there, as the Dutch do cards a little bit differently.

The Dutch tend to prefer to use Maestro instead of MasterCard, albeit owned by the same company, just different brands. Visa isn’t widely taken either.

I spent a week travelling around the Netherlands, packing both Starling and Monzo as well as my HSBC cards as a fallback.

Acceptance of MasterCard is growing, and worked whenever I used it. All machines I tried my HSBC cards in took less than 5 seconds to tell me they were invalid.

The more touristy the place, the more likely to take a MasterCard. For example, Albert Heijn (supermarket) won’t take MasterCard, but the To Go versions in train stations will. The “Kiosk” in the train stations also took MasterCard fine when I tried. Train station toilets worked, too.

Worked fine at all the NS stations I tried, was able to top up my chipkaart without issues.

ATMs worked as well, but make sure you do not allow the ATM to do DCC. £20 difference on a 200eur withdrawal.


Thought I’d add to this you can get a Bunq card for 7.99€ a month and I don’t think there’s a contract tie-in. This means you can convert the money using Revolut or Transferwise and then transfer your money to your Bunq IBAN. Should up your card usage a lot.

Here’s a picture of the card

(Liam) #3

Cool looking card.


It’s a little camp for me in all honesty but it feels really nice in the hand and I prefer the Maestro logo to the Mastercard one.

(Liam) #5

Are there any differences, to the user, between Mastercard Debit and Meaestro?

I’m assuming that all terminals should take any card that’s got Visa or Mastercard as standard, then any regional brands are extra (like the UK’s old Switch/Solo system), right?


There are no noticable differences besides acceptance (and to the business, lower interchange fees if I’m remembering right). In the Netherlands there is often a lack of acceptance for things that aren’t Maestro, Visa and Mastercard included. From what the people in Revolut forums have said it’s like, 100% Maestro, 60% Mastercard. I also prefer the logo, which is all that matters!