Never thought I would be back with this account

I haven’t posted or been in here in while, but I got engaged and my fiancé is moving from China to U.K. to study now and he needed an account and joint account too would have been great.

I had personally moved away from starling which was my main account for maybe 2-3 years and was using Revolut metal with money in stocks, phone insurance, the works. I had money in everything on there and had my whole savings in there too.

But I made the bold decision to move it all back to Monzo… well in terms of current account and we opened the joint too. I think the app is far better and great for budgeting. But it’s a real shame that Revolut don’t offer joint accounts and that app fluidity that Monzo has.

Plus main reason for it being Monzo is they let international student open before moving to U.K. and have card shipped to a “friends” address.

I know Monzo gets a hard time on here but any advice or feedback? If someone thinks there is better product out there I’ll consider but I want it to have easy access joint account facility and savings account with at least 1.3%

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I’d say if it works well for you, then I wouldn’t worry. If you need things like free overseas cash withdrawals, then I’d look at Starling again.

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