New £20 note unveiled

The design of the new polymer £20 note was revealed today, and a launch date of 20.02.2020 was set (I see what they did there).

I wonder if this will spark an increase in card usage, as people rush to bank old notes and then switch to using card; or an increase in cash usage, as people might enjoy the novelty of a new note design?

Personally, I only use card or mobile payments if possible but I think £20 notes are probably a bit more useful than £5 and £10, which are often too low value. For example, if I think somewhere might be cash only, I might want to take an “emergency” note with me (and, since I don’t use cash regularly, I wouldn’t have coins or want small denominations) and it will be good to have a new £20.

What do other members think?


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I don’t remember the last time I saw a £20 note, let alone use one… though normally I just take it a tenner at a time. In fact even if I’ve taken out more I’m sure I’ve been given multiples of £10 notes. I’m glad they’ve effectively completed the switch to polymer though (because who actually uses fifties in normal circumstances)

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We’ve even ditched cash at work, the time alone, let alone the cost of insurance, collection etc… has already made it worthwhile within a week.

We’ve of course had a few people winging that they have a collection and what should they do!? I’ve so far suggested along with Pingit etc… and of course, how about paying it in the bank instead of lumbering us with about twenty to thirty bloody coins and notes, that you haven’t counted and expect me to do so! :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt I’ll see much more physical cash anymore myself now. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I think most cash machines only have two cartridges of notes, so tend to dispense either £5 and £10 notes or £10 and £20.

I have only seen a £50 note about twice in my life, so is it effectively nonexistent as far as I’m concerned.

It is good that we are now #FullPolymer (effectively), in my opinion.

I’ve handled 100’s of the bloody things… (at work, sadly they weren’t my own. :wink: ) I’m a dab hand at spotting a forgery too!

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That’s cool! :sunglasses:

It amazes me that people actually use them to pay for things though - imagining doing a big shop at the supermarket worth around £80, and paying with two £50 notes seems crazy!

Plus I would feel insecure carrying around even one as it is worth so much and I would be anxious about losing it.

I’ve had £500 worth of £50 notes handed to me a good few times for gift cards. (Our upper limit on one card.) A certain travel agent where I work is cashless and refuses to take cash for bookings; before we ditched cash they’d come to use sometimes expecting us to sell over 4k’s worth of cards all at once!

(We’d usually refuse and if not had to fill out anti-money laundering paperwork, incl. seeing ID etc…)

This is nothing compared to the €500 note. I’ll never forget when France first changed to the euro and my friends mum whopped one out in Carrefour to pay for a few groceries. :joy:

The polymer notes are horrible, they spring apart and slip out of my pocket. I’ve lost £100’s

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I’ve heard that the acceptance on them is really poor, to the fact if you get or have one it’s an absolute pain in the arse to spend!?

Pretty much only useful for organised crime

I remember being in Dubai once, took out 1000 dirhams (about £200) and it came out as a single note. I was horrified! Needless to say though, it was accepted instantly in the first shop I tried to use it…

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That’s why I try to knock a bit off, so would request 950 dirhams which would then force the machine to give me a selection of denominations.