New AppleCard

Wow! When Apple do something they do it amazingly well. The new Apple credit card looks beautifully integrated into iOS and the physical card is titanium. It looks stunning.


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Looks good, shame it will never make it over here like apple cash

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Didn’t you know, everything is about Monzo and it’s no fees. Oh wait, wrong bank… Moving on…

So basically Apple Card is a white metal card, with no fees, and cashback. That the whole world will get so excited about, but it’s not that unique, but as its Apple it will be seen as unique, as everyone will forget there are other cashback fee free cards about.

With fee caps here, it’s unlikely to make it to the UK. But who knows, the future isn’t predictable when it comes to finance companies and features.


I’m not that familiar with the US credit card market but I suspect it’s more unique to that market given what I’ve seen and heard of their financial institutions.


Well it’s certainly risks turning things upside down. Quite literally: the chip is on the lower right side.

Love that there’s no information other than the cardholders’ name on it. No signature strip. No card number and no CVV.

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The card design will follow Mastercard rules, and despite people thinking otherwise a card doesn’t need much on it, I don’t know why other cards are not like it. It’s nice to see a card that is so simple and basic, that its nice and refreshing. I have a feeling we shall see a few more cards like it suddenly appear now, which can only be a good thing.

I’m not keen on the design. The name is kind of floating in no man’s land.
It’s a bit boring too

I wasn’t too sure about Starling’s Teal card, but it has grown on me entirely and I actually prefer it now to the original. I do like the look of that Apple card tbh.

I would rather they removed the name completely.


It does seem a bit out of place on such a clean card, doesn’t it…

That’s ugly :joy:

I’ve always thought most of their products look bad though. Never understood the appeal.


But how would you identify the card if you’re putting a couple of the same cards down to share the cost of dinner etc?

Apple are the kings of minimal simplicity. If there was an option for this, I believe they would have been all over it.

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I’m assuming it will still have all the numbers etc on the back?

Nothing other than the name to the front. All other details visible in Apple Wallet.

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There is no requirement for a name to be on a mastercard. I’m not sure there has ever been that requirement, it’s just been standard practice for years.

Perhaps not but it would still cause the above problem. Apple streamline everything and make the customer experience as easy and seamless as possible. They’ve left the name purely for easy identification.

I have no idea why Apple does something, and to be honest it doesn’t matter, I am just stating a fact its not a requirement.

That’s probably the case.

Still think they should’ve put it in the back…