New device verification video

What does everybody think about this and your opinions?

Today I got a new phone, so I installed the app and entered the text verification code, password and then had to submit a verification video to prove it’s me. It took nearly 2 hours to validate, but luckily still had the app on my old phone.

In the log in flow, you have to :
1- You have to enter a text verification code.
2- You have to enter your password.

to start with,

I’m all for security but don’t know why this isn’t enough to fully validate you? How many people would have access to both your phone number to receive a text code and know your password as well?

I really do worry how they will implement this when they have millions of customers and the wait times.

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I’ve done the same thing twice in recent times. It felt a little clunky to me.

I didn’t have to submit a new video when I got a new phone in November. I just used my phone number and a text verification code. Is this something new they’ve recently introduced?

I’ve never had to do it until today, so I wonder if it is something new that they have introduced. I totally get the need for security and I think it is fantastic how Starling implement their security. I just thought the previous system of text verification and password was sufficient but they obviously have a reason for doing it.

I really can’t stand it, even logging in again on the same phone meant I had to send a selfie video. I really wonder who comes up with these ideas.

Yeah I’ve had to do this recently as I wanted to re order/re number my goals/spaces and annoyingly the only way to do this is to re number them then delete and re install the app. Same with you found, took a little over 2 hours for starling to verify my account and so was unable to use my account. All very very annoying and, I have to agree, unessasary. Security is a good thing but this seems over the top and above all inconvenient.

How do you number your spaces? I can’t see any option to do this on Android. If you delete the app and reinstall it, won’t the spaces just show in the same order?

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Hey there. So you simply type the number like “01 Every day Acct” then “02 Xmas Acct” etc then when you re install the app it puts then alphabetically and if you have numbered them then numerically too. Job done.

Just to add. No need to reinstall the app on iOS. Goals are always ordered alphabetically so you can rename to reorder at any time. I do wish they’d add the ability to reorder them manually though.