New: "Edit Account name"

Just noticed a new feature in the app allowing you to edit the name for your account:

Was initially excited to see this, but then discovered it doesn’t actually change the account name that displays in the app, it just adds it as a nickname below the original name! :man_facepalming:t2:

I was hoping I could use this to tidy up the mess in the app switcher, getting rid of "(My Name T/A)|, but alas no, it just adds more unnecessary clutter that you can’t remove!

I wonder though if that’s in prep for multiple accounts? Why else allow naming them


Agree :point_up_2:

Seems a strange feature otherwise.

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I think… soon we will be able to open second personal account

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and this will be the great way Anne wants us to manage direct debits and standing orders because they can’t figure out how to get them to come out of spaces


£2/month charge for the privilege?

I’ve spoken to people working on DD’s from spaces from somewhere else before and it’s actually pretty easy

Assign all spaces with ID
Assign space ID to direct debit

When they take DD try taking it out of the space who’s ID is on the direct debit

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In near feature all banks will charge for basic accounts…
It depends… if we will be able to use one debit card and switch accounts like Starlings EUR and GBP…

It’s not because they can’t figure out how to do it. As far as I’m aware they never intended to allow bills to be paid from spaces because they think having a separate account for bills is better. I agree with them.


And me. That’s why my bills are paid from an account not held with Starling!


I don’t think you can state that as fact, just yet. Though I take your point - I know the likes of HSBC would love to take us down that road.

The point I was making though, is that by having secondary accounts they kind of have to charge… Or they’re completely undercutting their chargable connected card product.

It would be great if they took the bunq route and offered everyone up to 25 separate accounts.

Halifax used to have that a while back when I was with them, seems like a novel feature.

NatWest/RBS and all the others in that group also allowed you to “change account name” to anything you wanted.

They have now removed the feature, which is a real shame.

They say it’s because of coronavirus and more people banking at home, especially for the first time, so they don’t want them to fall victim to scams (if someone confuses them by fraudulently logging in and renaming their accounts).

I see the logic there, and I sort of understand it, but I’m still a bit annoyed at losing the feature.