New Spaces/Goals design

I noticed a new design for the Spaces/Goals page today. Don’t know if it’s specific to Android. It looks really nice. Image on the left, name and amount saved on the right. Everything in alphabetical order :+1:t2:


For now…:slightly_smiling_face:

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It is Android specific :+1: I checked my iPhone a second ago and it’s different to my Android one

For now…:grinning:


not a fan of the new layout.
not to long ago it was 2 squares side by side, then it went to a rectangle list which i didn’t mind.

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Agreed. This change plus the last one. I can now see even less. Bring back the grid!

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It’s the wasted green spaces on the left of the tiles that grates a bit. Worse, the dense teal colour is the first thing I see rather than the informative text. It’s setting off my nigh-OCD need for clean simplicity. Hopefully, they will one day allow us to choose a style as this is telling me I either add a photo (which I do not want to do) or have to put up with staring at empty green squares when all I want is to know how little money I have.

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The green space is replaced by any image that you apply to the goal, so why not just download some plain, coloured images if you don’t want a photo? That would effectively give you the colour choice :+1:t2:

I asked Starling and a 200 x 200 image size will work perfectly for those that want to know.

I do wish they were smaller. Has anyone noticed that there’s an odd amount of empty space in the goal description ?

The optimist makes me wonder if it’s deliberately there for future features (Bill spaces?). But it just seems oddly empty, I mean they could be incompetent, but they haven’t been that bad elsewhere in the app.

Could it be for a target if one is set?

Edit: no it’s not

Here’s a target view.

Merry Xmas!


Yeah, using less distracting colours could be an option for some. I just would prefer either being able to add the photograph or have a clean set of tiles - no empty coloured spaces.

Also, why on earth does each one of the tiles have “Saving Space” written under the titles of the spaces? Is that not redundant? And there is still no way of putting them in a particular order (except maybe to begin each title with a number). Hopefully, these changes are simply the first set and there are more improvements to come.

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Theres more than one type of space. For now, there’s two, and I have a feeling this will likely expand.

On Android, it says “Goals Space”.

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This appears to work pretty well for Starling Goals too: