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Hello, I’m a new user here. I tend to lurk because I’m not big on “chat”, and most of the time someone else says what I would want to before I get chance. Seems pointless to do any more than a “like” really. I barely even do that. Just like facebook.

I’m mainly a Starling user but I also have accounts with a number of other providers, mainly new ones like monzo and n26 and revolut etc. More to trial them, I’ve yet to find one that I prefer over what I have now. I thought this would be a good forum for that kind of thing, as I need a global view rather than one focussed on a single provider.

To me, there seems to be a rabidly anti-monzo bias exhibited by a number of frequent posters, and I don’t know why that is, but I have to say that it is extremely off-putting to read. This latest security thing with monzo is a classic example of the kind of thing I mean (and all the memes just seem a bit childish), but tbqh this ill-feeling / negativity seems to permeate the entire community, not just monzo-specific topics, and that’s just based on my general viewing of the forum.

Is this an anti-monzo forum? Should I find somewhere else?


Welcome @shadow

This has been discussed on here before and I am one the members that happens to agree with you. I’ve always felt the anti-monzo / anti-monzo forum discussions give the wrong impression of what this community is supposed to be about.

There’s a wide range of discussions that take place here and they are mostly very positive. helpful and generally fun, but the Monzo Forum Discussion thread has 1300 posts and none of it’s particularly pleasant IMO.


Hi @shadow,

I think there are a few things at play which I’ve personally seen (having been around for quite a while).

  1. Monzo simply make more noise.

The reason there aren’t a load of old banking forums is because generally… They are pretty boring.

Monzo do a lot of things that are topics of conversation (both good bad). Far far more than any other bank, including the likes of Revolut and Starling.

  1. The Boogie Man (sorry, I meant the Monzo forum).

There is no getting away from the fact that people here do not generally appreciate the Monzo forum.

For me, it’s a few things - I feel it paints an unfair picture towards pretty much every other fintech, I don’t like the general attitude and tone from some of the Monzo staff, and I find a lot of it “smoke and mirrors”.

We’ll help you save with X, Y and Z, whilst charging you A,B and C…

Note - I’m a Monzo customer, it’s my main bank.

@Liam decided to make a thread dedicated to the Monzo forum, so it wouldn’t pop up in other threads. I personally disagreed with it at the time (and said so), but I can fully see why he thought it would be the better move.

In hindsight - I think it should be locked away from the public eye, as it’s predominantly a bunch of “old” forum users who share in jokes… Which there is nothing wrong with IMO, but I can see how it would look to someone on the outside.

I’ve always preferred a good GIF myself!

If you are looking for a “pro Monzo” forum - This isn’t it. The majority of people who post, are not fans of Monzo for various reasons (1 of those being that Starling offer an almost identical product, minus all the sneaky fees and marketing).

If you are looking for a place where you might find a random nugget of info about the weird world of finance… Stick around and contribute.

There can never be too many of the same opinion, so even if someone has said something, you should still chip in :+1:+


I agree but the Monzo thread is what it is and it is there was we can’t tell the truth over there without getting banned etc.

I agree, hide it in politics


I’m not a fan of censorship, but if you can say something here that would have you banned there, does that mean that the moderation here is poor or the moderation there is too strict? I have never been banned from a forum but then again I take so long to refine my comments the end result is rarely that exciting or worthy of moderation.

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I’ve only been told off on one of the 32 forums I check daily {90% because of work, this because I like it} and I’m hardly one for being rude, I just don’t agree with everything unless it’s about barclays then I won’t have you say a bad word about them, how very dare you.

People’s perceptions on a forum are hard to get and what to some is having a comment to others is bitching and hating. That’s the nature of the Internet and forums.

Liam does a good job of not parenting the users here, and I hope he continues like he does and doesn’t start being a strict daddy that everyone hates.


I wish you’d stop talking about your fantasies though… :joy:


As i’ve said all along, a decent chunk of us (although lessening) are Monzo customers, and i think almost all of us were at one point. I dont understand how current customers discussing aspects of a company they are customers of, particularly the aspects they are unhappy with, will ever be ‘hating’, but rather just being an unhappy customer/former customer.

I used to be a happy Nationwide customer once, then they were absolutely shambolic when my account had fraud and i left them and tell everybody i can, including you people of the former Starling forum and this this forum several times i imagine. I will continue to discuss how much they annoyed me for years to come whenever anyone brings them up as that is the main way companies can be punished by customers for treating us poorly. Even though i do now have a FlexDirect, which i got purely for the 5% interest, I will still trash the company to anyone who listens because that is my right. Does that make me a “Nationwide hater”? No, that makes me a customer who’s had a bad experience and so wants to share it.

The idea that people have to be pro something or anti something seems almost childish to me, it’s like Swiftys vs KatyKats or some teen nonsense. Expressing displeasure with banking services, even relishing when you are proven right about the company, is not being a hater, its being a dissatisfied consumer. Imagine if we were only allowed to say positive things about companies…


I’ve never been so intrigued by you @daedal as i am now. I’m not going to lie, i imagine you saying that while dressed in leather and provocatively gesturing at @Liam. What an enjoyable image.


Oh dear lol


The moderation there is too strict :slight_smile: so long as you’re not personally attacking someone here @Liam tends to lean towards free speech

On Monzo however they suspended me for calling someone out for digging into a user’s business and finding pictures of his wife :thinking: while the coral crew liking the post mocking that user got away with it, as did the person who posted it.

That’s poor moderation on Monzo’s part

Exactly this - although I don’t see what’s wrong with hating on specific things of any product you see.

For instance if I lent you £20 and told you, “You have to pay me 50p a day interest on that”, you’d quite rightly tell me to place that loan where the sun doesn’t shine.

Especially when your bank overdraft would charge you a fraction of that!

Criticism is criticism, if it’s leaned at a particular company perhaps the company should rethink what they’re doing. They’re objectively looking at customers and shaming other banks, while being the worst choice a considerable amount of the time.

You have done more than discuss something. I found this within a minute of looking:

How is that a discussion?

I don’t want to get into an argument, but if you cannot see that there is a vast gulf between discussion and this kind of childish behaviour, then it’s pointless me saying anything more.

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He’s our resident memelord and posts that content indiscriminately - perhaps you should look in other threads before selectively picking a comment?

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This is such welcoming behaviour. Now I realise why I don’t post.

To be fair I don’t know what you expected when you come here and start posting things while bending the way it looks to anyone reading the thread, without having spent enough time reading (AKA 3 threads) to actually know what is common and what isn’t.

I was trying to say it nicely though, since I normally resort to calling people names, I apologise if I hurt your feelings at all.


To further this, do you not think the Monzo Forum is anti-everything-not-Monzo.

No offense but I’ve seen some particularly high and mighty comments from some Monzonauts and they truly do ruin the image of the bank for me.

If Monzo ditched their forum and changed their pricing a little I’m sure everyone would have a much better stance around them, rather than seeing them in an even worse light than traditional banks.

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Well, you’ve achieved something positive today.

You started a thread where I agreed (at least in part) with @Recchan.

Which is something I don’t often do!

Seriously though, I like there being a diverse range of views here, even when I don’t always agree with them. :blush:


That comment for me was an ‘in joke’

Exactly this :slight_smile: conversation without barriers placed by a moderator furthers discussion and allows people to reach a consensus of what is good and not good.

Without a Liam or equivalent you end up with a truly bias forum - rather than letting the forum discuss what is the best product at the time of discussion.

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I was relating my impression of the forum. I was not bending anything. And I have been on this forum for quite a while before I even created an account, so I believe I have read plenty thank you.

I dread to imagine you saying it any other way.

The Monzo forum is by definition going to be skewed in favour of Monzo.