NewDay Launch Google Pay

NewDay has launched Google Pay on Aqua cards (or at least mine) although no Apple Pay offering yet

Can anyone else confirm if they’re doing it on other cards? e.g. Amazon card

WOW. Just used my Aqua Cashback card on it and it worked! Finally, don’t need to top up to my Revolut if I need to pay quickly.

Hopefully Apple Pay launch is nearby.

Honestly if it wasn’t for COVID-19, I’m pretty sure NewDay would still not touch these wallet solutions. Contactless payments are heavily recommended in these times and not every shop we do will be under £45.


Lucky for you :frowning: I have a Huawei so Google Pay is useless to me, it simply shows as a side affect of sideloading the app. I can’t actually use it unfortunately :cry:

Pls @NewDay

I used the P30 Pro exactly to set up this card on it.
I’m guessing you have a P40 phone (which is great) but no Google stuff was an instant turn off. :frowning:

We have seen this before with FinTechs. Usually they launch Google Pay first OR they release both Apple and Google Pay simultaneously. So Apple Pay is definitely coming, they won’t put all this effort just for Google Pay.


There’s a potential to only do one; I can’t go into details due to contract memes but Apple Pay has a very heavy cost base vs Google Pay

There are work around if you need to install the google service, plenty of information and walk through guides.

However, only thing I do not like about installing the google services is the way they track you. It is worth searching “google activity” and the amount of information they store can freak some out.

Apparently Apple don’t want any of their launch materials to mention Google Pay so there is some kind of rule where they prevent you from launching Apple Pay if you have just launched a competing product within the last 90 days. So expect Apple Pay in around 3 months, probably the end of October (in time for Christmas)!

As I understand it, Apple take a cut of Apple Pay transactions whereas Google don’t take a cut of Google Pay transactions.

In foreign markets yes; I don’t see that working in the EU though as our interchange fees are so low. I think it’s more likely they bill the bank on cards added.

Looks like Apple Pay has launched just got an app update to enable the adding of the card

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You beat me to it

Some words: bye Curve, you have no use besides dodging cash advance fees now lol


It’s great for me as the card itself doesn’t have contactless


What did I tell you earlier lol.

EDIT: Added the card to Apple Pay. No more topping up via Revolut!

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The reward card does support contactless?

Mine is a classic card still under the old white branding so probably new cards do support contactless

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My rewards doesn’t support contactless :^)


I had an old white aqua reward with no contactless, expiring in 2021.

In May I asked them via the in-app chat if I could have it replaced with a contactless one (particularly given COVID-19) and they said I could have one - so they sent me a replacement card. You may want to do this yourself, or perhaps you aren’t bothered now that they support mobile payment?

Also, I no have to eat me words regarding the three month delay - but that is really good news so I don’t mind!

Edit: Just to credit this information fairly, I found out about the ability to do this from Reddit. See

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You could have asked for a replacement card. My rewards card supports contactless. They won’t section off older Aqua users like that.

Still, I rarely used the contactless feature. Just using my phone and watch is much quicker.

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I did this and was refused!
So I use aqua to top up Revolut instead


I had previously asked and was refused an early replacement since my “card was working” and “we don’t yet offer contactless on all our cards, it’s currently in a trial period for some card types and cardholders”.

I asked again more recently, citing COVID-19 as the reason for my request, and they “checked my account” before coming back to me that it was possible. I asked to keep the same card number too and they said this wasn’t possible.

Mastercard has a mandate now in the Europe region which requires all new cards to be contactless so they shouldn’t issue any replacement without contactless as that would be against the rules. You could try saying you had lost the card and the replacement should automatically be contactless.

I was prepared to cite the Mastercard mandate and complain about it if they refused since I was very keen to get a contactless version - this was my last card which wasn’t contactless (previously I also had an old Revolut card which wasn’t but this was replaced as it had expired about a year ago) and I really wanted it on all my cards, particularly given that Apple Pay wasn’t previously available for Aqua. I did use Curve but felt this wasn’t the same as being able to use the card directly so I was still keen despite having this workaround.