No more DCC for prepaid multi-currency Mastercards


I read through that a little earlier.

I do still have a WeSwap card, but I no longer have any need for it since joining Starling. When I did use the card, I pre-loaded it with the currency I was using at the time, South African Rand. Previously, I just used to carry wads of cash, not particularly sensible but something I’d done for years. I’m hoping that as much as possible, my Starling card will see me through most of the countries I visit these days.


Nice to know Revolut just became a valuable asset.

Would be great if they followed up with this for banks that specifically opted into this so Starling/N26 would be able to benefit.


"Dynamic Currency Conversion will no longer be offered for prepaid multicurrency Mastercard cards, as these cardholders have predetermined the currency they wish to pay in, before they travel and any purchases are made.

“Businesses and retailers will still be able to offer credit and debit cardholders the choice to pay in pounds or the local currency.”

No where does it say the rules apply to prepaid Mastercards. It’s prepaid multi currency Mastercards. In fact the article mentions Weswap and FairFX no others.

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Title updated.

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well spotted clarification @daedal

The article does actually make reference to prepaid Mastercards without mentioning multi-currency, including the title, albeit it looks like it’s incorrect.

Sadly Money Savings Expert is often incorrect with its facts since it became part of the Money Supermarket Group.

But Mastercard did clarify its about Multi Currency Cards in the statement they made.

The Mastercard handbook also still explains about DCC and how it can be used, and that doesn’t differentiate between Debit and Prepaid cards.


The Revolut pre-paid card would be classified as multi currency, right?

I would have preferred this to have been rolled out more widespread than a very narrow sub-set of a sub-set of cards. Still, it’s progress.

This will no doubt be disruptive for Euronet’s fleecing business model.

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Yes it would be.

Doubt it, they still charge roughly 5€ across all their operating territories for withdrawals.

Tbh though I believe we need some legislation that stops EEA countries’ banks from charging anything for foreign EEA currencies (for the actual conversion alone).

We need to pair this with a ban of DCC on any EEA issued cards :ok_hand:t2:

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Are they issuing Mastercard to new users, or have they switched to VISA?

Mix and match. Depends on whatever they feel like at the time, although apparently they’re changing this so you can choose (don’t hold your breathe, they’ve been teasing this for over a year now). Personally I think MasterCard is more common for them to issue, I have both MasterCard and visa though.

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You have two Revolut cards? Not only do you have every fintech account going, you have multiple cards at those fintechs :joy::+1:t2:

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My girlfriend had a Revolut Mastercard turn up in the mail last Saturday.
To date, the only place I’ve personally seen the Visa variant is hanging on a peg in Wilkos.

I do have one of their virtual Visas though.

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Including virtual and disposables, I have much more than 2 :joy:

I have

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Disposable Mastercard
  • Virtual Visa
  • Virtual Mastercard
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but no Maestro! You are slacking :slight_smile:

I wanted one and have asked many a time but they don’t issue them to UK residents :frowning:


I have 2 Revolut cards myself. But only because I had no choice. When I signed up, they were only giving out Mastercards. I didn’t want a Mastercard, I wanted a Visa (because I never had a Visa fee-free card). AndreasK saw me having a small rant about how new customers got Visas while us oldies get Mastercards. Did me a favour and supplied me a Visa card.

Revolut Visa is still the only Visa fee-free card I have to date. Jaja was going to be added to that list, but I’m not so sure now because of their ridiculous wait time. Tymit or Jaja, whoever comes first will stick and stand and ignore the other.

I got one from Bunq instead