No more debit card funding

You recently used your debit card to top up your Starling bank account. We’re sorry to say that as of 14th September 2019, you won’t be able to do this anymore – as we’re removing debit card funding.

Email received today

Would you not just be able to use your own address?

It would be quite bizarre if they let others pay money into your account by debit card but prevented you from doing it too.

how popular is Debit Card funding in general? I’ve never thought of what instance id ever need to use it especially with Faster Payments


I top up my Revolut with Apple Pay, I’m lazy.

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I use Starling as my main account. Useless option for me never used. Revolut should have top up option - Pre paid card.

Personally, this certainly makes Starling less useful for me, but I’m happy to see them evolving and becoming less reliant on prepaid-like users. I think this is a good move for them.

Probably yes, but it’s more obscure and less seamless to use. Some that really want to will still use that loophole, but I imagine it’ll be a vanishingly small minority.

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Starling announced when the forum was still going that debit card top ups was going, in fact I’m certain it was turned off for new users then.


Yeah, now that you mention that I do remember it. I’m surprised it’s taken this long to happen.

It’ll take my usage of Starling from 1-2 times a month to zero, but that’ll probably be a net positive for them anyway.

Sounds like it

Yeah, I seem to remember a thread along those lines. I think there was even a post from Anne or Meghan on the topic?

The argument was that debit card top-ups have a cost to the bank and it’s not one that they felt was sustainable in the log run. Their narrative was that if you had a debit card you had an account number and sort code and could use that to top-up instead.

The fact that they continued to promote the ability for others to pay you by debit card as a great feature to set them aside from the high-street banks was entirely lost on them.

Ultimately, all is not lost as you can still do it if you are determined… but I wonder how much they’ll actually save in merchant fees? It’s a pretty niche feature.


It was costing monzo crazy money for those who did use the feature

If you bookmark your page and use Google Pay, it’s actually easier - just a couple of taps. The app doesn’t remember your card details, for whatever reason.

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Actually, that’s quite a high figure as described in that post.

Good tip. Will remember.

I remember the thread. They rolled out Anne for it and it was one of those Silly Sunday topics. She asked what we thought, and made it appear that we had input, and a decision was made to remove it from a certain date. It never happened.

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I had the same email, I use it a fair amount but not a massive issue, but easy to do all in the app.

You wouldn’t be able to do this with a traditional bank. It should never have been an option.

Get rid of the plus button as well :+1:


Agreed. It always felt like something they only did because Monzo did it. Having it there just reinforced the idea that it wasn’t a “real” bank


It did happen, my account has it but my wife’s didn’t

The plus button is so frustrating!


Oh bugger, this option disappeared in my app today. Quite the pain for it to go with zero notice from Starling, at least until I noticed Settle-Up still works.
Would rather have had notification of this then a notification I’m going to have to enter a PIN sometimes!

Hopefully the + sign will be removed at some point soon.

Gone for me too, though I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t seen your message.

Settle Up with Google Pay is a lot more convenient - don’t have to have a card with me.


Settle Up working fine

I don’t think they’ve thought it through very carefully though, because now there’s nowhere you can see your remaining Settle Up allowance/limit, as far as I can see