No more debit card funding

For those that still use it, is there any particular reason you use this over just transferring funds to the account?

I’ve never used the card top up option and didn’t realise that many people did.

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Debit card finding is extremely fast and pulls the funds, so you don’t have to go into a stupid banking app to push them over instead.

Settle Up works with Google Pay.

I don’t need to walk around with banking apps on my phone that I don’t want.

Loads of reasons.

You can also top up with Curve, effectively topping up your current account with credit cards, if you so desire.

I just don’t see how it could ever add up for the bank though. Monzo drastically cut down the feature because it was costing so so much.

Starling has done the same now, albeit with a bigger settle up allowance. dozens has already become a bit more restrictive.

Only Revolut holding the flame, as it were, for fee-free debit and credit card topups

But isn’t that the point of fintech? To try and do things differently to a tradional bank?

I think it was a good facility to try and onboard people who were new to / dubious about fintech. It was certainly the case for me.

I installed both Starling and Monzo (while Monzo was still a pre-paid), and topped both up as-and-when from my main current account debit card, as I didn’t even use internet banking (serious financial technophobe)

It had the desired effect, as I switched my main current account after a few months of trying it for my every day spending.

But now they’re both established banks, and more people have actually heard of them, I guess the need for this option isn’t really there anymore?

Just my opinion anyway.


Does that not class as a cash advance?

They actually increased their minimum top-up from £1 to £10, $10 to $20 and 100¥ to 1000¥ sooo

Must mention payment links still have old limits though

Why do you think Curve has such high monthly usage?

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Because they market to business users who funnel through their business expenses too

I know that curve has taken steps in the past that were meant to make cash withdrawals from credit cards difficult due to them now passing on the correct MCC.

Unless I’m mistaken?

Here are the details for a Settle Up transaction with Curve plus MBNA as the underlying card

Clearly shows as a purchase and has been charged as such

Cash withdrawals are much more tricky. Simply topping up a current account most of the time won’t attract fees, with a few exceptions like Natwest and Tesco

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That’s interesting, thanks a lot!

I’ll give it a try on a couple of cards and let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

Don’t suppose you have a NewDay Ltd card laying around?

I have an Amazon card, which I think is offered by New Day.

Yep it is :slight_smile:

This is not Starling I signed up for.
Starling everyday is lees of fintech and more of traditional, we now need a proper fintech.
When was last time ( or ever) they introduced something ground braking or innovative? exactly
Apple pay top up was my most used feature now is just as any other ugly old bank nothing to differentiate from.
Traditional banks caught up and past them already.
example my halifax etc offer everything starling does and more, like all banks in one app, better mortgage for costumers rates and no fees.
Starling is already ancient, been using it since their inception but not anymore.


Who’d you move to?


I’m always fascinated when someone is seemingly in such a hurry to get their message across that they register with the minimum effort, don’t trouble to establish any sort of screen identity, then rattle off a stream of barely coherent remarks - almost invariably, negative.

Just saying…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Come, now. Let’s not go all ‘other place’. One opinion is as good as another.

What features would @shpet be looking for from a ‘proper fintech’? How can Starling improve their offer for your needs?


DD and SO from within spaces would save me having a separate bank account but I would probably not use it as I like the redundancy.

To be honest my Starling/Yorkshire/Marcus set up works perfectly for me.

It’s entirely your prerogative to have a rant, but I’m wondering? if you’re that unhappy with Starling unhappy enough to rant about how ‘ancient’ they have become, have you actually bothered dumping the account? or have you just decided to come onto the forum, have a rant and then never appear again?

Seriously, if Starling Bank isn’t doing it for you anymore, then just find another account. I’m a customer of Starling Bank and the services they offer me personally, are absolutely better than some of my legacy High Street accounts. I’m not a Starling fawning fan boy by the way!

Perhaps Monzo might be better for you? or do you already have a Monzo account?

@shpet - if this isn’t the case, you have my sincere apologies :slight_smile: