No more debit card funding

As above, just move banks. I so wanted Starling to be my bank, but ultimately it wasn’t right for me.

With my Starling gambling controls switched to block, my virtual tenner says we’ll never see them again.

I have to admit, there’s only two banks I would never be a customer of ever again, both Spanish, TSB and Santander. I did actually make rather a lot of money in interest from Santander from a fixed 1 year locked savings account back in 2009/10, but that was all they were any good for.

TSB’s IT meltdown was just too much for me and no amount of in credit interest would ever get me back to having an account with them.

I’m too lazy to leave Nationwide

Lloyds is proving rather convenient from a credit card perspective

RBS only in it for the free money, will ditch and switch when they pay up the final 50 quid in a couple of months time.

Starling, honestly, haven’t got anything at all to moan about. I don’t need any loans from them, I don’t need an overdraft, I don’t use their Goals/Pots whatever you call them. I do find their App very good though and I’m more than happy to remain a customer.

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Glad I’m not the only one who has a spare “switching account”. It’s also with RBS at the moment for the switching reward :slight_smile:

I’ve had a ‘spare’ switching account for a few years now. I realise there are some out there who think it’s somewhat ‘unethical’ to have an account purely for a switching bonus, but I’ve no shame on this whatsoever. Free money is free money and the taste is even sweeter when banks are dumb enough to give away free money just for setting up a new account. I’ve made probably about £600 out of it. Sadly, those days have pretty much come to an end.


You’d have loved the good old days of easy stoozing, borrow via card from a bank on 0%, lets say barclays, and deposit the free money with a bank and earn interest… i.e. Barclays!

I used to giggle that they were paying me interest on their own money!

I’ve not actually ever borrowed money via a card and earned interest that way. My main thing, is interest free credit cards. I’ve not paid a penny in interest on credit card borrowing for the best part of 25 years I think. I’ve bought thousands of pounds worth of goods and holidays on interest free cards. Paying interest on what you’ve bought on a credit card is just nuts in my book. I guess though there’s a very large sector of the credit card borrowing consumer who do exactly that. If they keep my borrowing free whilst they’re paying the card providers, then I won’t complain.