No swearing or texting in your local Sams' house

Be warned if the beer garden you’re heading to this morning is owned by one Humphrey Smith…

I don’t think it’ll be long before it closes it’s doors for good… I doubt anyone would go there with a dictator like that running/ruining the place.

Also, have they not heard of Untappd!? (A social network exclusively for beer.)

Humph’ has been running his boozers like this for years. Quite the odd box.

Never really done him any harm. Nor has the way he behaves in and around Tadcaster - where his brewery is based.

I kinda want to go to one of the bars just to check in on Untappd and send him a screenshot of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s nothing really wrong with this, in fact I wouldn’t mind a pub I could go to with a calm atmosphere and some rules.

We’ve always had places like this thought usually more ‘exclusive’. Nothing wrong with it, so long as people know how e place runs.

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I get this but QUIETLY sending a text or checking in a beer doesn’t hurt anyone; it’s the Dom Jolly types shouting down a phone or being overly drunk and disorderly that’s the problem.

What happened to common sense?

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It died…

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Nobody makes phone calls now anyway. Surely sending a text is less distracting to those who need to focus extra hard on their pint.

Note that you are banned from sending texts, not receiving them… which is the potentially noisy part!

It hurts the atmosphere he’s trying to create - one where everyone is present in the location they are sharing rather than being distracted and distant. You know, how pubs used to be?

I don’t think it’s really to do with common sense. He wants a place without technology. It’s sounds more about that .

I don’t think it’s a place I want to be.

Also of I forget my card and want to pay using my phone can I get my point for free? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I often wonder why people go to pubs to meet with friends, but sit there not talking using phones.

A pub where people have to talk to each other sounds scary, most have lost the art of conversation.

An all out ban is a bit extreme, but talking on your phone outside (not in the beer garden but actually outside) is a great idea, more pubs should introduce.


Agreed with you on this.

Isn’t there a rule about not swearing on this forum? Ironic thread if so.

Yup, I’m going to sound like a right crusty old git coming out with this, but 30 years ago when I was a bit younger, mobile phones and wifi just didn’t exist. When you went to the pub, you had a laugh, you talked to each other, you got drunk together, you had a great time together. Sometimes I just wish I could turn back the clock because nights out back then were really quite good fun.

Matey would have a fit down my local tbh.

Non stop swearing and phone use lol

I mostly don’t use my phone in the pub; I do however check in beers as I’m a MASSIVE fan of Untappd and I do use the Wetherspoons app whenever I’m in one as it’s so much easier.

I go to relax and unwind, have a good meal and enjoy a pint or two. I totally don’t mind the no swearing rule either, although personally I’m not one to be offended by swearing myself.

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Big up wetherspoons for putting my locals out of business and then making an app :slight_smile:

Not sure that’s a good plan in the long run (except for the crap ones of course).

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If they don’t provide a good service or cheap pints then someone will undercut them and do to them what was done to begin with to everyone else