Notifications Intermittent Issue

I wasn’t sure if anybody else was aware. Today, I’ve not received notifications for all transactions. I’ve been in touch with CS, who have told me they’re aware of an issue on IOS of customers not receiving all notifications, and that they’re currently working on a fix.

I got in touch originally, and they sent me the instructions for checking all notifications were enabled, but I’d already got all the options turned on, then that is when they came back and told me a few other customers have been in touch and then me today with the same issue.

I was told they’d send an in app message when it’s fixed.

I had this issue Monday after I updated to iOS 0.94.2

CS said they have had a few calls. They told me to delete and reinstall the app.

Since then I’ve been getting notifications (touch wood).

Edited my first post as I forgot to mention that they’d told me they’d send a message when it’s been fixed.

They did tell me others have been in touch with the same issue, I got in touch today so I’m assuming others got in touch today too for them to be looking at a fix.

I did a reinstall and one transaction didn’t notify but done a couple of transactions since then and instant notifications straight away so looking like all good again at the moment.

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Mine aren’t working either on iOS.

I’d definitely get on in app chat to CS then if I were you. They’re aware of an issue and the more people who can let them know will no doubt help :slight_smile: .

They asked me what device I’m using and what notifications I am receiving etc so good to chat with them.

Have sent a message to customer services thanks.

All worked fine for me today…

Is this the same Starling app that never fails? :eyes:

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Yes that magical app that still hasn’t failed. A miracle of app design :+1::joy:

Not getting a notification isn’t as important so long as I can actually open it up.

Since I’m expecting one I often check the app when they don’t come :slight_smile:

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I do think we need to get the wording over this correct, because it does seem like these forums have a habit of echoing statements made by users, which then become “the go to answer”,when in fact, it could be completely wrong.

Take the “Starling subsidises it’s current account from it’s revenue in the B2B sector”… Who actually said that, or was it an assumption made from the fact they had some business contracts (what looked like good ones?)

The recent report showed a pretty small amount of revenue if I remember correctly, so it looks like that statement is untrue.

Now… This whole “The Starling app has never failed” business… The assumption to most people (I should think), is that at no point in time, has the Starling app not worked as it’s supposed to.

I’m sure we can all agree that the Starling app has failed to work as intended, many, many times. This could be notifications, bugs, FPS failures, card failures (through GPS)… All of these things can be associated with the “app” as it’s an app only bank.

We’ve had this conversation before (quite recently if I recall), and what you are saying, is that the Starling app has never completely imploded and simply not worked at all (as in… absolutely nothing).

I’m not quite sure what the point of that statement is. The vast majority of my apps have never completely messed up, so it’s a little like saying “water is wet”.

The overall Starling stability might be better than others (I disagree with this, but YMMV), but to keep saying “It’s never failed” is factually incorrect, and it’s spreading false information.

If we are going to crucify mistakes from other banks (big and small), we should at least be honest about Starling, otherwise it does end up looking a little “rose tinted” and all that.


No notifications? #firstworldproblems


To be fair, I I took that to be a very tongue in cheek reply to diffuse the rather odd snark above, rather than a serious comment worthy of an early morning @Nick essay… :man_shrugging:

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I’m not sure it was, but only Ryan knows :joy:

It’s also never too early for an essay, especially as I’ve been up for hours as I absolutely detest these bed sheets you get in some European countries.

I don’t care how hot it is… Give me a proper duvet rather than some coarse blanket wrapped in a flimsy sheet.

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And that is why all your european holidays will be at Maison d’ in future. Propa’ briish doovays for propa briiish peypaw. I bought a duvet cover from Carrefour the week I moved as everything was in boxes, the oddest think i’ve ever slept with, and trust me, there are some odd things on that list. Lasted 48 hours before it went in the bottom of the dog bed as an extra blanket. Like trying to sleep with shiny very fine sandpaper against your skin. Very odd.


No app is perfect and all banks have failures at points. It’s how they deal with it and how quickly they re solve it.

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By failure I mean not being not being to access the app and therefore your account. When you look at service failures starling has zero compared to all other banks which have at least one.

Some people not receiving notifications is not the same thing. I think most people here are using a beta version of ios as well.

I’ve never said starling doesn’t have bugs and all the rest of it but has there been an occasion you haven’t been able to access the app no and that’s what matters.

The government and regulator’s are concerned about service failures.

What happened with monzo where people couldn’t login is an app failure. 12 hour maintenance periods are an app failure.

I don’t see the issue with what I’m saying. I’ve never told anyone that they must be wrong because the starling app is perfect or something. I never comment on threads like this usually.

I’m sorry @Nick but everything you’ve said about starling is factually incorrect and that should be pointed out :+1::joy:

To be fair there’s only really one member with that view as far as I can see - whenever it comes up in a topic we usually end up with a number of other members voicing an opposing view, particularly when it comes to card outages.

It’s the nature of a discussion forum, I guess - and as far as I am aware nobody here works for Starling so what we say around cross subsidy of different accounts shouldn’t really be taken as fact by anybody.

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Still going with that being a curious metric by which to judge things, but each to their own! :smile:

Just the same metric the regulator’s use.