Octopus 🐙 Energy buys Co-op Customers

If I can steer you away from the Monzo debacle business as usual briefly, before I jump ship how do you guys rate Octopus?


I find them really straightforward and good value. No demanding huge direct debits. Good communication. Very easy switchover.

They don’t have an app, but you can pin their web page as a web app in Android (no idea about iOS) and easily check your account, add readings etc from that.

As far as I’m aware, they don’t fit smart meters.

Very pleased with them so far (been with them since May).

Feel free to use my referral link if you decide to join them: share.octopus.energy/sunny-peach-582

I’ve found them to be OK, the iOS app is utterly terrible so I use a third-party app to manage my Agile Octopus tariff.

They do install Smart Meters, they replaced my British Gas Smart Meter with a different one. The In Home Display is terrible and doesn’t show energy usage (the whole point) for more than a couple of minutes before defaulting back to a summary screen with completely useless information.

The actual Agile tariff though is great for my use-case because I’m often not in at the peak-times.

Oh, that’s interesting.
When I joined, they said they didn’t do smart meters, so that must have changed.

I’m very happy with Octopus, switched to them quite a while ago and they are still one of the cheapest suppliers around, plus you can get £50 a time for referring friends and family. I’ve had £350 off them in the last year, which is just over a third of my annual energy costs!

Here’s my link for anyone who is interested:

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I switched to Octopus with collective switch offer.
Used Bulb before. Octopus offer is cheaper for me and their CS really helpful

I still have SSE smart meters. I’m on waitlist for Octopus smart meters for around 5 months now…
Few months ago they emailed me… that they started to install second generation meters and I will be able to switch providers without losing smart functionality

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I used to be with Octopus for a while - found them very good.