Off topic threads

Attempts to divert topics away from pressing (fintech) industry developments, via idle chatter.

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I wish it was possible to “mute” the Off Topic category. It is starting to clog up the “Latest” posts screen.

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Settings > preferences > categories > mute

Add the categories you want to mute.


Ah! Thanks! Done!

Already done that but the problem is that the topics show up when other people reply to them

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Time for a policy of shunning!

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Those who are not interested in any particular topic are not obliged to reply - especially not to reply with comments that are nothing related to the title of the thread.

We have an off topic category for stuff that is not about fintech. We have done from the start.


I wonder if it’s worth making the #off-topic category “opt in”?

Personally I agree that this category is cluttering the homepage. On a smartphone, only a handful of topics display on the homepage, and if they’re off topic, it detracts from the kerb appeal of the forum IMO.


So the suggestion is that I should make an entire category ‘opt-in’ because a small number of people who seemingly have a problem with one particular user who posts there frequently?

I’d suggest that if you don’t like the order that the ‘latest’ view serves up content, then it’s time to switch to the category view.

I’m not hiding content. I didn’t like restricting the Politics thread to people who have been here longer - I like hiding an entire category even less.

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It is worth mentioning that old chestnut yet again as I do every time something like this comes up, that if people don’t like certain content the best thing they can do is to create new content more to their liking to drown out the content they’re not so keen on.

It is beyond tiresome to me, and I mean this generally, I’m not relating this to this forum or anyone in it particularly, that we’re at a place where there’s not an event that happens in life that isn’t chock full of people saying ‘I don’t like this’, but doing nothing whatsoever about changing it, especially when often the resolution is a pretty easy or straightforward one.

It’s like parliament and a Brexit deal; everyones been very vocal on what they don’t want from one, but no one actually does anything proactive to make something they do want.

Although I’m speaking generally, surely the same principle does actually relate to this place though? Don’t like what you’re seeing? Make a resolution to create a new thread with content you’d prefer to see once or twice a week. If everyone did that the scales would tip very quickly. The only reason off-topic threads are currently so prominent is because there isn’t enough on-topic content being created.

Just my two cents. :man_shrugging:


The issue I see here is that it makes the forum a lot less user friendly. Personally I use the “ignore” function to well… ignore the user but then all the replies repopulate the latest posts leaving my only choice to mute the entire category and then switch to category view to try and see something of relevance. There is some interesting chatter in the Off-Topic but it shouldn’t be overtaking the Fintech chat.

This is a Fintech forum therefore IMO the fintech chat should be front and centre and within easy reach and everything else is an optional extra.


I’m not that bothered by most stuff that’s appearing int he Off Topic category,although I would like to see more ‘on topic stuff’ :smiley:
That said, surely it’s the work of a few seconds to bob into a topic you don’t like and then mute it so it doesn’t appear in the Latest list?

so I’ve tried muting the whole topic

It says these posts will not appear in the latest list. With this mind how am I still seeing them


and here

I’m not trying to be grumpy but is there something broken or am I reading how the mute works incorrectly

I’m happy to pop into off topic every now but I’m trying to see less of the random stuff

What do you have in the Muted section in Preferences > Categories?


Just off topic. I might need to add the sub categories as well but doesn’t explain why Off Topic keeps coming up on the list

Muting categories in Discourse doesn’t affect topics you’ve previous participated in (if you read them, they’re set to “tracked” automatically, and they aren’t muted retroactively). You’d need to individually mute those topics.

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You know it’s gotta be done. Luvs ya really Danny! :joy:

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If I could be forked I’d replace ‘spoon’ with ‘fork’ in the gifs, but, well, I’m lazy.

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