OneDox for household bills and admin


What do we/you get for that referral link?

I get a free month.

And me?

Genuinely though is it worth it?

You get a free trial, it I’m not sure for how long?

Personally speaking, I genuinely have found it very useful over the last couple of years. They previously launched a CrowdCube funding round in which I invested but they pulled out.

I have recommended it because it is something that is very useful but you’d need to be the judge of that as to whether it’s something that would work for you.

I have lots of referral codes for stuff I wouldn’t necessarily recommend but I don;t post those. I can send them to you if you like :wink:

I’ll have a look at it when I get a min in Sunday

For me it downloads all my PDF bills to DropBox which means that I automagically have copies without having to go through email and manually save them. Of course, DropBox means they’re backed up.

On the occasions I’ve used OneDox customer service it has been excellent.

(I have a DropBox referral link as well but I’m guessing everyone has DropBox these days, right?)

The OP in this thread reads as though it’s a script provided by OneDox’ marketing department. Given that it was seemingly published with the intention to secure personal gain, I’ve stripped the referral links.

(Community guidelines make clear where referral links go)

Does anyone who uses this service have any more balanced opinions on the service?

I’ve used Onedox for over a year, it’s a good way of remembering/finding out contract details via an app. You can click through to bills or account documents like your insurance policy.

Strangely it has your car MOT history on there if you link it, so you can see notes on emissions and replaced parts at the last MOT. (Doesn’t have services , I guess it’s from a DVLA API which garages also use).

Can also connect TV licence and TFL. I’ve found it useful but you don’t exactly need to monitor your bills everyday! I haven’t used any of the ‘auto-switch’ features

Edit: just seen the other thread and that now they’re charging for it!!

This was the email that went out today… Tbh, it sounds like they’re going to fold.

I’ll be honest… this isn’t an email that I ever wanted to have to write…

In brief: From October 1st, we will start charging a small fee for usage of Onedox. But, by referring friends, you can continue to get Onedox for free. Head to the new Onedox Referrals screen to find out how…

Refer friends to Onedox

To understand more about this decision, please read on…

It’s been over four years since Hugh, Rick and I first started work on Onedox. In that time, we’ve brought together an incredibly talented team to create award-winning technology that helps people get better control over their domestic affairs, and saves them precious time and money.

We’ve grown to tens of thousands of customers from whom we receive inspiring feedback and positive reviews, and who have found the service extremely helpful in managing their busy lives.

Unfortunately, Onedox is an expensive service to run and we simply can’t afford to keep it going without it covering its costs. And so despite our best efforts to bring in more investment, we’re pretty much out of time.

Where does that leave us?

In an effort to ensure no stone is unturned in figuring out whether we could continue to operate Onedox, we’d like to enlist your help to try and find a solution:

Firstly , from October 1st, Onedox will become a paid-for service costing £3 per month, or £30 per year on an annual plan.

Secondly , instead of paying for Onedox, you can help us reach more customers: for each person that joins Onedox using your referral, you will receive a free month of Onedox. + As a special bonus for referrals made before 1st October we are tripling the reward to 3 months for each referral! So hurry!

If we get enough new people subscribing to Onedox, then it might be enough for us to maintain the service…

So, there are two things you can do to help Onedox:

#1 Refer friends to Onedox and earn rewards…

Refer friends to Onedox

Invite your friends, family, colleagues, anyone you know (or don’t know!) to sign up for Onedox. As well as you getting your own reward (tripled in September!), each person that you refer will also receive one month of free Onedox.


#2 Pay for your usage of Onedox by subscribing…

Subscribe for a Onedox account on a monthly or annual plan (you get a 20% saving by paying for 12 months up front). We truly appreciate the support. Get started here…

Subscribe to Onedox

If you decide not to continue using Onedox, by paying for it or referring friends, your accounts will stop updating and you will not receive automated alerts or reminders from Onedox.

So that you are able to export and download your Onedox data, we’ll continue to securely store the existing information for a period of time. This way we hope to minimise the inconvenience to you.

I would like to thank you for all of your help, support and encouragement on our journey so far. The team (some of whom are in this picture) always enjoy hearing about the positive impact our service has in our customers’ lives.

If you have any questions at all then please do get in touch.

Best wishes,


CEO and co-founder of Onedox


Turns out you need to make money to keep a business going. Can’t just rely on investments forever.

It’s accounts are very sorry looking for a company that has been around for a few years offering something different.

I can see why it needs to charge, its gone from making a profit to making a big loss. And they elected to exclude a profit and loss statement from the accounts.

Very disappointed to receive an email today from Onedox letting me know that they’re moving to a subscription model. No longer free, it’ll be £3/month or £30/year.

They could have monetised in lots of different ways. I have no idea who they are targeting, expecting people to pay for the service. Such a shame as it was quite a good idea.

Snap, I’m out, Shane as a great idea.

Thought this would happen and killed my account a while ago due to this intuition and the lack of having enough services to make it worth it if it did

Looks like I’m going to have to go back to the old calendar model now.

It was good while it lasted but it’s not worth paying for

How do these bill aggregators work? Have they negotiated API (or other?) access with the suppliers or is it as blunt as simulating the login and scraping the bill?

Just wondering if it would be possible to create a DIY solution?

Did they ever get that many organisations involved? Never saw for myself. They would have to be pretty comprehensive to not be a Flux-esque player at the margins, let alone a medium cost service