Packaged current accounts compared

Don’t forget, I believe CYBG are soon to become Virgin Money so there may be different options again later.

I believe First Direct also offer some sort of packaged account at £15 a month. Indeed many of the High Street banks offer packaged accounts, you as you are aware though, have to weigh up if they’re worth it/right for your circumstances.

Mine took much longer to turn around (about two weeks) and the replacement I got had a slight scratch on the back (which is to be expected as their policy is to replace with refurbed rather than new) - but I was satisfied that the process was painless, the replacement was adequate, and it was much better than having a spiderwebbed screen!

Yes, I was aware and I did check with them. They said they would repair or replace, and yes there would be a higher excess, but what I save on the FlexPlus will help cover the difference. There is the increase in premium to take in to account should their be a claim, but I’m happy to shop around if that happens. And to be fair, I can afford to replace it if need be so it isn’t a necessity for me. Even being without a phone for a while might be a blessing in disguise :slight_smile:


Hate to think how much I spent on packaged accounts with Lloyds over the years. Put an end to it a couple of years ago after thinking about what I really valued in the ‘benefits’. Travel insurance, breakdown cover and phone insurance were the only things. The excess that had gradually crept up over the years for the phone insurance (iPhone) made me think I’d underwrite the risk myself having only claimed once in umpteen years. So just organised a travel insurance policy and breakdown cover separately … Don’t regret it

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Same, never found the insurance actually provided enough cover for me, far too many exclusions for activities or the luggage cover was far to little to be of any use should a bag actually be lost. Separate insurance allows you to choose the exact terms that suit and then compare the market for the best price. I’m sure there are some for whom the insurance is perfectly adequate though and the ease of getting it from one place makes it more attractive.

I’ve never found a packaged account that offers me real value yet, but for some they do offer great value.