Partial Switch


Anyone here used their Partial switch service?

I’m in the midst of moving away from the damn awful HSBC, having been with them for over 10 years now, however didn’t want to close it for that, therefore I opted for Partial Switch.

Couldn’t stand their outdated online and mobile banking service any longer. Having opened Starling Bank for a year now, thinking I’m now ready to switch over.

Just want to know have it went for you guys…



I haven’t done one personally, but I’ve heard nothing but horror stories about partial switches (to any bank).

Depending on just how many DD’s and SO’s you have, you might be better off just doing it manually.

I did about 18 in an hour online and over the phone (Nationwide being the one that took the most time believe it or not!)

If you do a partial switch, it’s not covered by the CASS guarantee, and there is little incentive for people to do it well.


I moved my direct debits manually as well, ( I didn’t want to close my traditional account for the same reasons as you), found it mostly a really easy process.

The one I really struggled with, weirdly, was DVLA car tax. I had to get Monzo’s help with that through customer services.

(Ashley Quint) #4

I have, and the only thing which didnt work was O2.

(Dan Mullen) #5

Partial switch was very poor. Multiple DDs or SOs to the same payee - e.g. multiple deposits to Wealthify - don’t show all the details, so you can’t pick and choose the ones you want to switch easily.

I also just moved everything manually. Took about an hour and everything was done properly :smiley:


Thanks guys for your responses. Any idea how long the balance takes to a transfer offer?

(Dan Mullen) #7

With a partial switch, you’re balance isn’t transferred automatically. If you initiate a faster payment, it should be there within two hours (usually instantly).


If you can, go for the full automated switch.

I had a manual switch carried out on my account, and it was a disaster. Nothing to do with my donor bank, Starling were basically incompetent and unable to comprehend basic documents sent over by the bank. After months of delay I got them to forward on the documents to me, and I had to explain what it said (i.e. look at this column for the sort code, then this one for the payment reference, then send these to the direct debit originator).

Generated a load of stress, took loads of my time, meant I had to run 2 accounts and keep my old account open past the deadline the bank had set for closing - and Starling just sent a message to me saying ‘sorry, we haven’t done this before so don’t know how to handle it’ and didn’t bother giving any compensation, let alone any socks, chocolate or information on how to escalate my complaint.

(Andrew Buckland) #9

Was about to actually get around to this today, but no partial switch option only full, what a pain!

(James Cocker) #10

Odd. It was there when I started a switch on 3rd Feb, but just checked now and sure enough the “just payments” option has gone!

(Andrew Buckland) #11

Just switched over the handful I wanted to manually, wasn’t too onerous.


I remember reading a while ago that they stopped offering partial switches,because they were causing too many issues, just like Monzo…


Com0leted a partial switch hsbc to Starling about 2 weeks ago.
Went perfectly. All DDs switched and worked correctly, payee details copied across almost instantly.

(Ashley Quint) #14

Yeah, I was very happy with doing a partial switch, although that was quite a while ago now.

(Andrew Buckland) #15

Looks like they removed the partial switch, I guess hoping it will force people to fully switch. Not a major deal as have managed to change the one’s I wanted mostly on line.

(sam) #16

I think it wasn’t very reliable so was leading to problems and confusion. A partial switch isn’t really something supported industry wide.
There’s no guarantee scheme like for full cass