Pay at the pump declines

This was my original post in the other place (RIP) on August 1, 2018. For context, it was a response to a quiet overnight decision to close a previous, unresolved thread on the matter.:

I am frankly appalled that Starling’s [CS] just closed the other thread about Pay at the Pump declines. Is it now Starling’s policy that you simply shut down debate when feedback is less than favourable. How thin-skinned.

My experiences of Starling to date have been fantastic… but arbitrary PatP declines are annoying (and do not afflict your competitors) and seeking to silence customers is underhand, arrogant and stinks.

If the merchants are not following MasterCard rules… then its a matter between MasterCard and the Merchant.

I want a bank account that works universally. If NatWest, Santander, Nationwide, et al cards work… Then Starling cards damn-well should.

Please escalate this matter to somebody as a complaint over a rather shoddy area of your service.

A couple of days latter there was a personal response from Starling’s CEO, Anne Boden.

I am still looking for the full text of this message, it will appear here when I find it!

Eventually, there was some progress when it was announced that changes to the anti-fraud algorithm were taking place and that Pay at the Pump would be available to more users. It was also later enabled on joint cards.

As of Aug 30th, I was able to confirm this was working for me. Many other people in the forum were reporting similar experiences. For some, however, the matter was still unresolved.

I have never had this issue but people have reported recently that it seems to be improving.

I gave up trying to use Pay at Pump using my Joint Account Card and have stuck to using kiosks within opening hours.

I think it’s still not supported for joint accounts and I don’t know if they will announce when it’s supported.

It certainly works on our joint account. Not sure if that’s because of improvements to the algorithm or whether it’s because I complained.

I suspect they’re operating a whitelist.

Which is fair enough but it the Push Notifcation should say that rather than a cryptic message and CS should have been aware of it.

As it happens I got every possible excuse from “it’s Mastercards fault”to “you don’t have enough enough money”


Welcome to starling! :grin:


It’s probably worth mentioning that I’ve never had any PatP issues. My girlfriends card was however routinely declined. I can’t help but feel there is a flag (or something similar) on the Starling back end to allow or decline (on a per customer basis)

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I’m wondering if it was based on when you signed up? Maybe something changed for newer customers and therefore Joint Accounts? Did your girlfriend get her card after you and maybe fairly recently?

I didn’t have any problems the couple of times I used P@P on my Personal card, but Fuel is a joint expense in our financial setup so that’s why I need it to work on the Joint Account.

My girlfriend signed up when Teal cards where launched. I’d already been a customer for sometime. For me it worked on both my purple card and my teal card which is why I suspected it was an account level thing.

Sounds like that could be a possibility then, newer customers (and Joint Accounts) seem to have more ‘fraud measures’ in place than older customers for no readily apparent reason.

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I don’t see why they couldn’t say that though. I don’t know of anyone who would have an issue with that. It’s no different from earlier customers getting better interest rates or other differences that came about as the product matured.

Exactly, that’s been my biggest issue, just tell us how it actually is instead of skirting round the issue and definitely don’t lie about it!

Is this still an issue ?

I can’t find any further discussion on it.

It was an issue for both my personal and joint accounts, but after the long and painful community thread, things were rectified and I’ve not had one decline.

Starling working well for me at both Asda and Sainsbury’s. I only use my joint account.

Tesco Pay@Pump seems ok now. It debits £1 instantly and then updates your account the next day.

I was declined at Costco a couple of months ago. Haven’t tried it since. I’ll try next time I go.