Payment confirmation PDF

I did a search for a payment I sent and notice that you now have payment confirmation PDF. Not sure if that was there previously but it’s really handy.


Ooohh… good spot. I didn’t get a notification but can see it if I look at my last payment to an account.

NatWest have had this for ages (it’s not something I’ve needed ever) I imagine it’s quite nice if you want to send confirmation that you’ve paid to someone.


This has always been a feature I liked in the NatWest app and wondered why Starling hadn’t implemented it themselves; means I no longer have to screenshot my transaction history as proof of payment. Good spot @Gallifreyangirl!


I’m surprised this wasn’t in any of the version/update notes… I know it’s not a big feature but it’s one where those who use it will definitely appreciate it.

Maybe I’ll see the notification when I pay someone next!? Although I did pay someone yesterday morning and had no heads up.

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… where? Could you give an idiot like me a walkthrough to find it? :smile:

Open a payment to another bank account from your past transactions and select, Payment Confirmation PDF.

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No notification from the payment I made just now, but the confirmation PDF is there.

I found that myself too but still good to find by accident.

Ah looks like it’s only for faster payments?

Is this just an iOS thing? I don’t seem to have this option on Android? :thinking:

I have Android and I have it. However, as Eden said it seems to be only when I have sent money by faster payments. It doesn’t show on any direct debits I’ve paid.

Hmmm. It was a faster payment I was checking, but it’s still not there. Perhaps a phased roll out?

Edit - 6th Feb
My app updated yesterday and I now have this option :slightly_smiling_face: