Payment Processors

Hi All,

I had 3 declines last week on Monzo with Iceland Online. Monzo was unable to give a reason. I have most the fintech accounts and just wondered what payment processors they use? Do they all use the same or have some move in house? Do we know which Fintechs are more reliable for payments.

I am looking to reduce may cards and just wondered if anything came out on top. I have Curve, Monzo, Revolut, Starling. Starling seems to be the one which is more stable. My list from experience would be …

1 - Starling (least declines)
2 - Monzo
3 - Curve (most declines)

Whats everyone else’s experience?


Starling use GPS
Monzo have there own processor
Curve use GPS

The reason curve fails more is not the processor it’s the time outs in using an extra party to process transactions, until they operate there own processor this will always happen.


Revolut use GPS but have built and are testing their own processor

TransferWise Borderless, HyperJar and Revolut Rev-P cards are probably the most reliable of the fintech bunch.

Starling, Revolut and Curve use GPS but Curve obviously have to process their card and then bill the underlying card, if they removed the “processing the underlying card” bit until after the transaction then they’d probably be better off as far as transaction declines.

TransferWise and HyperJar uses another processor who I can’t remember the name of but both are stable the majority of the time in regards to actual card payments.