Payments outage at Morrisons and Co-op

Oopsie - not something you need during a pandemic, long queues as cards won’t work.

Still, at least it’s not GPS this time.

I had this on Sunday. The Co-Op’s self service machines were switched off and the tills were rejecting about 60% of chip and PIN transactions. Paywave appeared to be no problem, however. Surprised it’s still an issue. Usually when card payments are blanket refused, it’s a sign that the company is on the verge of going bankrupt.

Is this related to the glitch yesterday where certain bank cards weren’t working at CO OP?

Co op said the issue was with the banks as the ATMs weren’t working either, and only certain banks affected.

Seemed to have been affecting NationWide, Santander, and Starling that I was aware of. Other bank cards were working fine.

The issue was with ACI payments - they had intermittent outages that impacted their customers (i.e. co-op, Morrisons, and whoever else uses them).