Paysend, is it any good?

Anyone using Paysend here? What’s your feedback of it?

Oddly I don’t see any topics for Paysend. How does it stack up against Revolut?

I’ve just got a Paysend account and card. You can order it and set it up (you need to pay £5 for a physical card, a virtual card comes free), but to actually utilise the features, you need to go through (very basic) KYC procedures (a selfie and a scan of your passport). The exchange rate is slightly lower than Revolut (there was a 5 CHF centimes difference between loading £4 in either)

It’s EXTREMELY basic. You can only load the card via a card loading - Apple Pay is also offered but doesn’t work (it does at least store your card - some apps don’t). You don’t get an IBAN or account number to load. You can theoretically transfer abroad using IBAN but that doesn’t work either. You can load (and exchange Sterling, Euros, Roubles, Yuans, Swiss Francs, Czech Crowns, and Zlotys. Interestingly, you can denominate your virtual card and physical card in different currencies (and change it).

The card took about 2 weeks to turn up. You choose your own PIN. You need to confirm this in an ATM (a balance transfer will suffice). It is loadable to Curve, but not to Google Pay (who, interestingly say that “Giftcards are not allowed”.


There’s no way in app to contact them.

What’s the point of it? :thinking:

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