Physical Card VS Apple/Google/Samsung Pay

With all the advances in digital banking, mobile wallets, etc I was just wondering how many people actually use their physical cards anymore?
Personally, apart from having a few cards on Google Pay, which are normally used for online payments where the merchant 0accepts GPay, I usually tend to go for the physical card over mobile wallet, as I find it easier.
Plus I’ve carried a wallet for so long, albeit a much thinner one nowdays, that when I haven’t got it with me while I’m out, I feel naked :rofl:

What about the good people on here, what are your preferences and the reasons for them?

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It’s strange, I always used to use Google Pay where possible in the UK, but for the last year I’ve worked abroad more than I’ve spent time in the UK so card is my first choice. Purely for ease, many places I’ve found have no idea about Google or Apple pay including in some very big cities so trying to explain in a different language just isn’t worth the hassle.

Plus the contactless symbol is universal so no trying to explain you can tap it, or you can just wave your hand with the card and they understand.


My phone doesn’t have NFC, so I don’t have a choice, I have to use my cards.

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I’ve never used a mobile wallet for a contactless payment, just occasionally online.

I’ve found that combining cards in one service gives me less control. If you don’t and you leave a particular card at home, then you just can’t spend that money…

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I don’t really have a personal view on whether I should use Apple Pay or the physical card but looking at my actual behaviour I would say that I am likely to reach for Apple Pay where I can use it.

The problem though is that not many places where I live offer proper Apple Pay and therefore there is a £30 limit. That means my use of Apple Pay is mostly limited to supermarkets.

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I have the same problem, albeit with Google Pay.
most places just see it as a contactless payment and apply the £30 limit, regardless of whether the SCA criteria has been met or not

I try and only carry my phone and watch wherever possible, but when not just around in my town where I know Apple Pay is proper Apple Pay and no limits are enforced besides the likes of specific merchants I don’t shop at anyways (like Tesco) I tend to carry my physical cards around

I tend to use Pay wherever possible, mainly because the tokenisation it affords makes it’s more secure than simple contactless. That said, I still carry a slim wallet with me with a couple of choice cards, my drivers licence, train card, and a few paper vouchers.

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Google Pay wherever it’s accepted, card only if necessary.

Mobile wallet for me. Only times I generally use a physical cards are the odd occasion I withdraw cash or when I use a credit card that doesn’t support GPay.

Used it for first time in ages at homebase yesterday. Felt odd.

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