Place to say hello!

Just thought I would start a quick hello topic for everyone to check in.

Thank you @Liam for creating this, love Starling’s product so let’s hope we can help people and discuss all things Starling!


Welcome everybody. Hopefully we can keep this community as friendly as the Starling community was and stop it slipping into the state of the Monzo community where certain users try to keep it an echochamber of their ideas and slate anyone with a different opinion or alternative ideas. You don’t have to agree with other users just treat them with respect and try and avoid turning threads into a ping pong back and forth between two users.


Howdy! :wave:

Looking forward to seeing what this new place becomes. Obviously, there are downsides to not having a presence from Starling here, but also upsides such as being able to have more of an input into the structure of the forum. Maybe we can have a category for feature requests to track and discuss the many still outstanding, and who knows, maybe we can still have a positive influence on Staring’s future throught this.


Hi everyone. I’m really pleased to see this forum, hope it takes off. Always enjoyed reading and contributing on the Starling Community.


Hello all good to see you all here.


I’ve been pondering the idea of a Fintech community since I saw Starling close down. It seems to me that there is a need for a good, impartial place to discuss fintech in general. I’m very interested to see what this turns into.


What to people see as the direction of a forum like this?

Anything Monzo related might as well be discussed on the Monzo forum (most people have an account there anyway).

Can’t say there was much talk about other fintechs on the Starling forum, and again, the Monzo forum has a lot of discussion over the other fintechs anyway.

It’ll be interesting to see how a Starling forum without the input of Starling goes.

I believe they are still planning on moving forward with the beta programme though!

I’d like to see it as a place where we can discuss all things Starling.

I have no doubt it will “leak” to Starling and I hope they monitor it. If we can in any way shape direction in the future by them being able to see discussions and ideas without having to be responsible and official on it then great.

If not, then a resource for people to share knowledge and experiences.


I really don’t see this shaping Starling in the slightest (sorry to be a grump on that one).

Starling have their plans, and if their actual community forum didn’t hold much sway, an unofficial forum with the core of people who were there previously won’t make any difference.

I wonder if people will find this forum who actually need help - My gut is that 99% of people here will be very adept, and unlikely to need much assistance.

The Monzo forum is actually very good for a lot of things. It’s far bigger than just Monzo these days.


I am suggesting what I suggested as a long term thing. If enough word gets out then people will find it eventually- Everything has to start somewhere!

Hiding comments, deleting comments, forcing the brand line until it becomes seen as fact, allowing commenters to way overstep the mark if it’s negative to their competitors but aggressively stamping on negativity towards their own brand, making me switch between feeling rage and feeling nauseous in one comment, having Tupac’s biggest fan… No end to the goodness.


Can I suggest that a we don’t have a Monzo v Starling thread at all. They just descend into madness…

A feedback one is fine but also not needed as they have a bloody great forum already…that were mostly all in!


I hope it’s not to weird to say but I always get a little excited when I see this


You never know what’s coming but you know it’ll be entertaining. :rofl:


With all due respect, I think killing your entire forum trumps Monzo there. Starling were killing entire threads towards the end.

That’s not to say that I don’t think Monzo always get it right either but I think some things have certainly got better.

But this is my point - Monzo have such a huge forum, we really don’t need to talk about it here.

Anything we discuss about Starling is purely speculation, and we’ll never get an actual answer.

Agree completely. But at least it was open. We all know they did it, they even wrote a blog post! The most open and transparent thing they’ve ever done! :joy: It wasn’t done insidiously, ‘let’s just remove a few posts here, a few post there… what’s that? Oh no, those were “off topic”.

That said, I agree with @Nick completely. There’s a whole world to talk about out there!

Towards the end, that’s not really any different than what we were getting from the ‘real’ Starling forum, apart from the odd gem from Kris.

The forum really collapsed as soon as James left, you could tell Megan hated it and Anne only got wheeled out to shut everyone down. Logan did try his best, that’s for sure, incidentally, the only time I ever got a decent response from Starling CS was when I happened to get Logan in the in-app chat.

For a company that has, what was it, over 200 staff, there was very little interaction from different staff members.

I don’t see how they say it was a massive drain on resources with such little interaction.

I reckon it’ll take up as much time because they’ll still be spying on the Monzo forum and they’ll start looking over here too.

I think this forum will be able to find it’s own niche just fine, at least I hope so.

I hope so too, but I can also see people getting more frustrated, more angry and more annoyed by things Starling are/aren’t doing.

Especially with no response (ever this time).

The only saving grace is if we can make it a partly comical forum to dilute the frustrations :joy:


Oh yes definitely! I’m looking forward to seeing all these memes that I kept missing out on because I was too late to the game every Sunday when it seemed to kick off!

Should I be looking forward to them? I genuinely never saw one!

All those bloody moving pictures… what’s with those? Now where did I put my ear trumpet, it’s time for my stories on the wireless… :older_man:t2:

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