Planned maintenance. Card declines 'may' result

In-app notification.

Not sure when this notice went live, but it was not there then I logged on this morning.

Does ‘planned’ maintenance usually come with such a short notice period?


It depends upon how much time they had (or allowed) for the planning.

I suppose if it’s not a reactive measure to an outage then it can be deemed “planned”. Perhaps something has occurred that means some emergency maintenance is required?

Which would take us into the territory of ‘unplanned maintenance’, would it not?

I remember the forum cacophony back in the early days of mobile banking. A lot about the relative merits of being informed (or not)…


Not if they’ve planned it, no.

You’re conflating notice periods with planning.

This would be unplanned had they not planned it. They planned it and put out a notice, albeit quite short notice.

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I agree.

To my mind, unplanned maintenance would be an emergency fix that was not intended to take place at that time but had to for reasons like fixing a bug that had suddenly appeared at a given time, or repairing a system fault.

If the maintenance has been known about in some sense, and the timing has been decided in advance then it is technically planned. Although you may have a legitimate grievance about the length of notice given.


By that definition, so long an engineer formulates a ‘plan’ before he or she starts their work, then it’s ‘planned maintenance’ even if they had no idea they were going to be carrying out such ‘planned maintenance’ five minutes prior. That’s utter nonsense.

Use of the word planned is taken (rightly or wrongly) to mean scheduled.

Where I work, planned maintenance is something that I plan into my workload in advance - liaising with product owners and customers as I go.

If I turned up at work one day not knowing that I will be carrying out maintenance on a system, then we are very much in the territory of unplanned maintenance. Even if there is a couple of hours between discovering a need and rolling up my sleeves, it’s unplanned. It just is.

If i had planned maintenance in advance, but neglected to communicate that fact, I’d be at best expected to explain myself.

Incidents happen. Unforseen events lead to a need for maintenance windows that you were not planning for. That’s life.

The argument over what is planned or unplanned maintenance is somewhat semantic. The bone if contention here is that the notice was rather short.


Maybe this all boils down to :point_up_2:. Nothing more…?


From my perspective as a lowly software engineering wearing hat

My client would likely prefer to hear planned than unplanned because it looks better, so if the work wasn’t this second urgent and it could be delayed a day or so, it would make sense


Well, yeah… That’s the point I was making in the very first post in this thread, really.

Seems issue can always be taken with a persons words if someone is motivated to do so, sadly.


I can’t be bothered to read your argument on an issue that is, ultimately, of little consequence.

I think that you’re spending too much time fretting the small stuff. It’s really not an issue and I have no desire to get into a dispute with anyone, least of all yourself.

Perhaps there’s more important or more interesting topics for debate?

Going to gently suggest that you just betrayed your motives there.

Ultimately, if this topic is of little consequence or interest to you, it’s still a topic you felt compelled to embed yourself in for the purpose of arguing semantics… Or maybe you had a bad day and wanted to push somebody around?


I just want to say, I did get drawn in to the discussion on semantics but I didn’t mean it to be an argument and I hope it didn’t come across that way. If it did, then I apologise.

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I’ve no idea why these places have to be so unfriendly?

Liam, I think you’re making a mountain out of a molehill. Something that isn’t really an issue seems to be causing you much angst. Relax.

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I suppose it is at this point where a moderator would stop by and tell us both to wind our necks in and stop with any unpleasantness.

Perhaps, if I stop questioning your motives and you stop telling me that inconsequential things are causing me angst, then we can both move on?

Would be nice if future posts here were on-topic, and I will hold my side of the bargain there.


To answer this question wearing my developer hat, yes, it can do.

Usually we plan things long before we schedule in a time, and that scheduling can sometimes be a very last minute thing. We treat scheduled and planned work as slightly different things internally though.

Urgency is most often the defining factor of last minute notice though. The shortest we’ve ever given is about 12 hours. We’ll push a release, break something significant that needs fixing ASAP, but isn’t too detrimental to the overall service, so we’ll send a notice the evening following the release that we’ll be doing planned maintenance the following morning to get it fixed.

It’s not ideal but at least gives users some form of notice to plan their time accordingly, and we can get it fixed quickly. We consider it planned because we decided to do it and gave notice before we actually did it. Time is irrelevant. For us it would be unplanned if the notice goes out after, which only happens if something service critical escapes through the bug net. In these cases we take the service offline and start working immediately, and then someone will update our users.


What an invigorating thread :man_facepalming:

You plan a non-trivial operation weeks (sometimes months) ahead.
8 hours before the planned operation, you do a final check for all the neccessary conditions.
It’s all systems go - now you release a public notice.
The enginnering team rolls out the change.
Back to happy days.