Police response

Do the police have to respond to a report quickly?

Only if you say the magic word

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Presuming you call the emergency line then yes, otherwise it’ll depend on some factors.

I don’t work for the police so have no idea, but I do know that they took hours to respond to a serious break in and asault just last month round a friends house. So maybe what is an emergency to them isn’t what is one to the public. I prefer the old fashioned baseball bat approach rather than the police.

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It depends on the reported crime and the assessment of its severity, the time of day, how understaffed your local police force is etc etc.

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And whilst we’re on the police subject, I’d like to take the time to thank PC Stuart Outten of the Metropolitan Police for his absolutely outstanding bravery following the despicable, disgusting outrageous attack on him the other evening. Get well soon.