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Does anyone have any experiences to share with regards to travelling to Portugal, be it Starling, Monzo or (at a push) Revolut?

OT: This is exactly the kind of stuff that was a valuable asset of the Starling forum.


At the risk of doing what I said I didn’t want to do (talking about Monzo), this does prove one of my points…

There is a big thread on the M forum about using the card in Portugal.

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Aha. A good point. Why waste all that valuable customer feedback?

Well played @Nick.

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Indeed there is and I’ll be checking it out but there’s a lot of old pre-paid stuff in there that is no longer relevant, so I was looking for anyone who’d got any recent experience of using one or the other or a combination of all of them to find the best solution.


Yeah, I saw you posted there back in June.

There still seems to be a fair amount of info after you posted - Probably more than anyone here will be able to offer.

This is the stand out for me:

I am in Portugal and I can say that I haven’t been very successful with my Monzo card:

From “Oh we don’t accept foreign cards” to the payment terminals not recognising the card, it’s been a bit painful and I was pretty much forced to take money out of the ATM, which thankfully works.

I’ve been paying attention to the terminals that work and the ones that don’t. In Portugal, a lot of businesses rent/buy terminals from local banks.
So far, the ones that haven’t worked at all were terminals that were rented by the following banks:

* Millennium BCP (Contacts )
* Banco BPI (Contacts )
* Novo Banco (Contacts )

I know for a fact that at least one of these banks (Millennium) have their own Mastercard cards, so I don’t understand why their own payment terminals are declining a Mastercard - I’m assuming they’re declining “foreign” cards.

I think Monzo’s payment team should have a word with these banks…
I’m more than willing to help out in any way I can, be it with going somewhere to try a payment (I’ll be here until the 5th of July), speaking/translating Portuguese, etc

Update : I will be doing an in-depth post about my experiences here after I get back to the UK. Hopefully, that’ll be of help to Monzo so it can actually improve service abroad.

Update 2 : Been busy with work and life, so I haven’t had time to properly do this. In hindsight, I actually think what I’ve written already is pretty spot on, though. With this said, if someone needs more info, I can give it