PSA: If you opened a PayPal account before turning 18, close it

A few days ago PayPal decided to ask me to verify my ID in order to keep using their service. After uploading ID documentation they decided to close my account on the basis that my account was opened before I turned 18, despite being 22 now.

PayPal informed that any balance in the account would be able to be withdrawn after 180 days (6 months) and I was free to create a new account, as long as I do not use the same email, card or link the same bank accounts.

If you opened your account before turning 18, I would advise you to remove all funds, emails, bank accountds and card. Close the account and then open a new one if you’ve turned 18.


That’s silly, to say the least!

I generally don’t leave any money in my PayPal balance, though, as I don’t think I trust them enough (because it’s not the first time I’ve heard of PayPal doing funny business …)


Paypal has a legal requirement it has to fulfill, accounts that break the rules it closes, which it absolutely should as a regulated company. In the UK the rules are slightly different to the rest of Europe, as in the UK you have to be 18 to enter into a contract, in Europe you just have to be competent, so they don’t close EU accounts.

The fact it allows you to reopen one is because you now can legally have an account with them.

You can just issue a small claims case for the funds and fees before the 180 days and Paypal will settle it. However its not really going to cut the time down by that much.


Smart advice.


Unfortunately, that’s not true. I’m based in Norway, but they had no issue closing my account.

It is true, however its Paypal they arbitrarily decide on cases.

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This is the main problem with PayPal. The horror stories I’ve heard re PayPal (from people and companies I trust) put the worst Monzo trustpilot reviews to shame.

Just don’t leave more money in your PayPal than you absolutely must is what I advise everyone I come across both professionally and personally…


I know a big company that Paypal froze an account with hundreds of thousands in it. Paypal had no legal grounds to do so and after threats of legal action Paypal backed down. The worse thing was they allowed the company to open a new account while they suspended its other account. Paypal lost lots from that case, it paid all the companies legal fees.

They have closed my account in the past, although only took me a day to get them to re-open it, and all because a customer on ebay claimed I had sold something counterfeit.

So I use Paypal because I have for my little side business, but I withdraw every couple of days to my bank, I won’t ever trust them again.


Damn Marvel t-shirts… :wink:


As a seller on eBay, I’ve most recently learned that you’re not protected in any way either by eBay or PayPal. I recently sold an unlocked iPhone where the buyer claimed that the phone was not unlocked and opened up ‘item not as described case with eBay’’. Even though I had documents proving that the phone was in fact unlocked, eBay sided with the buyer who had no proof of her claim. I was forced to accept the return and pay for the return. When the return came, I got back a fake phone. eBay took no responsibility and basicly said ‘It’s your loss’’.

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Yep its a nightmare, I actually sell mainly through Amazon but ebay is a complete nightmare, I’ve spent many times arguing with them. 7 weeks once for them to refund me money because a customer tried to scam me by saying I sent them a different item, and I refused to accept the return as it was from Spain and would have cost me a lot of money, when I could prove it was legitimate. In the end ebay refunded the customer themselves without it affecting me. You shouldn’t have to battle with ebay or paypal, but they seem to think they are above the law.

Just the the fact that eBay take the buyers side, even when the buyer is proven wrong, is completely absurd. I would also belive that when the customer makes a claim, they would have to prove their claim, but not according to eBay.


Two years ago.

I was absolutely fuming. Just done a sell on eBay for £150, then balm. Got hit with PayPal asking for ID out of nowhere. The account was almost 10 years old. I was 16 when I opened it.

Fuming that my £150 was frozen for 6 months and I can’t withdraw. Luckily for me, it was on the day of the item getting sold, so I forced a refund, linked the new PP account and asked the buyer to pay again.

After that though, I basically stopped using eBay for selling. May sell an old game on it, but high priced stuff? Nah, not anymore.

PayPal lost my trust with my funds.


All perfect examples of why I just use my debit card and direct debits instead of PayPal :slight_smile:

There are some businesses and shops such as eBay that only take PayPal. And some merchants won’t take Amex directly, but have PP to use your Amex.

But as a buyer, PayPal is fine with me. A seller or holding your money with PP is a different story.

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Does anyone know when the Ayden deal starts? That should shake things up a bit.