Pure Planet - Renewable energy

So I was happy having my Gas and Electricity with IRESA, but they sadly went into administration.

Octopus Energy swooped in to save their customer base, but unfortunately their charges were higher.

After shopping around, I have moved to Pure Planet https://purepla.net

And now the shameful plug…

Here’s a link to get a £25 Amazon voucher when you switch to app based, clean energy with Pure Planet.

Here’s my link: https://referme.to/kZfTIle :pray:

That is exceedingly shameful!! :sweat_smile:

Especially when
Green Network Energy give you actual credit (£30?!) for a referal against your power account and the kwh price is basically the same, and the account fee is lower.

(looks up the price and shudders) okay maybe they are more expensive for new signups!

Not sure I like that they say “No standing charge!!!” and then proceed to charge an account fee per month like its any better (or worse!)

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There is a dedicated referral forum for this.


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Hi thanks, I don’t seem to be able to post or reply there