Rabbit hole

No, but the data will route to O2 before it comes out to the internet, normally giving you a UK IP address.

You said Starling was rubbish because your card didn’t work in Monaco when you went to withdraw cash from an ATM.

Liam suggested O2 doesn’t work in Monaco and they only have a single provider, Monaco Telecom.

You said you weren’t in Monaco.

So actually, I’m also confused now! Are you in Monaco or were you talking about some time in the past? It sounded like you were in Monaco and were affected by this morning’s partial outage.

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I said I was in Monaco Yes, but said I’m not now. I’m but now I’m in France. They are very close. What has O2 got to do with it though?

I have no idea! Are you on O2?

My apologies - I just wanted to clear out the card declines thread to keep it on-topic. This seemed the best place to put the moved posts - Though I appreciate the title needs changing. God know what to though!

Maybe somebody could summarise what this thread is about. It’s the most confusing thing I’ve ever read :flushed:


I am on EE


Not sure the relevance to a gdpr breach but yes you get orange in Monaco, reminds me of the orange dongle I still have than gives me 30gb for £7 a month on EE

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I don’t think that works in Monaco either…

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It was implied that the OP was pranking people by saying he was trying to use his card in Monaco, whilst the site owner was telling people his IP address was showing O2 (although this is normal roaming behaviour).
The OP was not too happy at his choice of mobile network being shared - hence the ‘GPRD Breach’ title.


All of the off topic was caused by admin user sO the mess is his. The first three moved Shouldn’t have been.

For the avoidance of doubt, I asked if he could get an O2 signal in Monaco. The user volunteered the name of his service provider, publicly.

Nobody mentioned IP addresses.

Mobile IPs tend to be NATted anyway, so doesn’t directly identify any one individual user.

Funny. Already reported.

What the… I r confused. :stuck_out_tongue::wink:

My aunt says I have to log out now. I’ll be back though :raised_hands::raised_hands:

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Thank you for your contribution.

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Are you having a nice trip in Monaco/France with your Aunt? Hope she wasn’t caught out with the GPS outage earlier too.

I’ll be at Buddha Bar in Monte Carlo at 19:00 Local if you wanna meet for a drink I will show you and your aunt a good time** then I will be going on to Cafe de Paris Casino just over the road so I can spend all my baller money.

**Just your aunt if she is fit like


I am on Vodafone and this thread is bonkers. Also never seen anyone so keen GDPR over there network being known after advising it in here.

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agreed. :slight_smile:

Further more I don’t think Carrier Name would be considered PII and fall under GDRP GDPR. According to this article https://piwik.pro/blog/what-is-pii-personal-data/

Examples of non-PII include, but are not limited to:

  • Device IDs
  • IP addresses
  • Cookies