RBS Customer Service

I have been banking with RBS since 1990 when I opened a personal account at their Oxford Branch. This saw me through Uni and beyond.

I have had a joint account with RBS since November 1996, so very almost 23 years.

RBS was one of the pioneers of telephone banking (around 1994) and was the first to launch internet banking in 1997.

I have not telephoned them for some time. So long I can not remember but I just called them a few minutes ago. I got through to a human within moments of calling and everything was sensible and efficient. The RBS employee was helpful and informative. When I asked a question that she was unable to answer she offered to pass me through to a colleague. Again, this call was answered almost immediately and the call handler was equally as friendly and efficient as the first.

In all my years using RBS, they have always been helpful, efficient and their customer service is up there with First Direct (who I also used for some time and are very good on the customer service).

Now, I know the FinTechs like Monzo and Starling are all the rage, but from what I read they’ve not mastered the customer service side. TBH, the CS I’ve had from both has been reasonable but I’ve used neither often nor recently.

RBS may not always offer the best loan or credit card rates, but (especially compared to Monzo Plus) the RBS packaged account offerings look pretty decent at a fair price.

Packaged Accounts

What many Monzonauts seem to want is:

  • Mobile phone insurance
  • Travel insurance

They’ll give you £150 to CASS to them and they charge £10 for the Reward Silver for those benefits. Compared to Monzo, that’s bloody good.

Telephone Service

  • Answer quickly
  • Speak to a human
  • Friendly
  • Efficient

Internet / App Service

  • No major redesigns (of internet banking) in 22 years, just evolution, and still one of the best internet banking offerings
  • Easy to use with good range of functionality
  • Good apps on iOS (I’ve not tried Android apps)


Personally speaking, I don’t use their branches. The telephone and internet banking offering is complete and efficient. Staff answer quickly and are friendly. If you want “plus”-type accounts, there’s are pretty good. (May be better with other banks?) …oh, and they let you pay in cheques and cash at no additional cost if that’s your bag.

Don’t overlook RBS. They get a bad press which is not representative of my (very almost) three decades experience of them.

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I’ve been an RBS customer for 28 years… generally a positive experience. Only had a couple of issues with them.

But their Reward Platinum is no where near the value it used to be back when it was RBS Gold.

All in all though, wish they would update their App and introduce some of the features that Starling/Monzo have (instant spending notifications). Although this might eventually come when Bó gets launched


I was with RBS for 15 years, but I left earlier this year. I had a fraud on my account and the way they dealt with it was abysmal - every time I called the fraud line I was on hold for minimum half an hour before someone answered, they kept saying they’d block further transactions and then not doing so, they didn’t call back when they said they would, etc. Until then I’d have agreed that their customer service was excellent, but when it really mattered - when I could see money going out of my account day after day that I hadn’t authorised - they were uncontactable and their staff utterly incompetent.


While not disagreeing with the rest of your post, better not mention the above to Girobank who had telephone banking on 1984 and Nationwide who pipped RBS on internet banking.

The real downside with RBS is their antiquated backend leading to very poor transaction information on statements etc

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Ngl if Bó can use RBS purchasing power to get some really good bundles I could see myself using it full-time

Waiting for them to add me to that beta though rn

When we are not in Beta these are the fees that will apply:

You can make up to two cash withdrawals each calendar month free of charge but after that there’s a 50p fee for every additional cash withdrawal in the UK and the EU, or £1 if you’re anywhere else in the world. This will be on top of any other fee you may be charged by the cash machine’s operator.

If you lose or damage your card, we’ll replace it for free the first two times, but if you lose or damage it again before it naturally expires, we’ll charge you £5 each time to replace it.

However if your card is stolen or you need the name changing on it (for example, if you just got married) then we’ll always send you a new card for free (and by the way, congratulations!).

If you regularly withdraw cash , it might not be the cheapest option for you.

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Just can’t see myself going anywhere near b.o. Their bound to stink

Thanks for the warning but luckily I just keep a tenner on hidden in the little capsule thing

Besides my barber all my payments are contactless too :wink:

Edit: just realized how cursed my key ring is lmao

I had a similar issue with NatWest… on hold for an hour just to tell them a transaction wasn’t fraudulent.


(this post wasn’t ten characters but now it is :smirk:)

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That’s actually really clever :sweat_smile:

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My RBS card was cloned at an ATM in Charing Cross in June 2004. Only noticed three days later when thieves had bled the account dry.

Reported to bank and police and money refunded within a couple of days. Efficient service from RBS.

Can’t really speak for NatWest. I CASSed to them, took the bribe then CASSed to HSBC. :wink:

The last time I dealt with RBS it went like this:

  • RBS calls me: “We’d like to offer you an appointment to check that you have the right products for you”
  • Me: No thanks
  • RBS: Pleeeeeease (paraphrasing)
  • Me: Fine. Has to be on a weekend
  • RBS: I have an appointment at this branch (near my home) available next Saturday
  • Me: Ok, I’ll be there

So far so good. The day before the appointment I received a text message reminding me.

  • Me: <goes into branch, sits down in waiting area>
  • Branch manager: Join the queue please
  • Me: I have an appointment
  • Branch manager: <Looks confused,>
  • Branch manager: Who is the appointment with?
  • Me: <shows him the text message,>
  • Branch manager: Oh, he doesn’t work Saturdays. What was the appointment for?
  • Me: RBS called and asked me to book it
  • Branch manager: Would you like to come in Monday? We don’t do appointments on Saturdays
  • Me: no, I came here because I was told you did appointments on Saturdays
  • Branch manager: Ok. Well I’ll have him call you Monday and see what we can arrange.

No phone call ever came. Needless to say, I wasn’t too impressed.


I found it in a little store in Paris :joy: I actually only bought it to prove it didn’t work, but it did!

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RBS did go through a period of aggressive up selling under the guide of some sort of financial welfare check. They were quite persistent so I told them I’d close all my accounts and move elsewhere if they didn’t refrain.

They soon shut up and stopped harassing me… The only real issue in 29 years.


I wonder when RBS became RBS and not RBoS as it used to be.

BoS didn’t become BS did it? :cow::poop::flushed:

Given that the RBS and NatWest websites and products are almost clones of each other, do they also share the same customer service team?

The NatWest app and site is a clone of what RBS was already doing. Other than that, I don’t think they share customers service teams?

They were, despite being almost identical as you say, very frustratingly run completely separately. As recent as when Starling launched bsuiness accounts and i moved, I had an RBS personal account and a NatWest business account. I literally had the apps next to each other on my phone, exactly the same app but one was purple the other blue, and despite them saying all over the apps and websites you could see both personal and business accounts in the same place I couldnt because they were different brands within the group. Not sure if that’s true now, but it was until recently.