Recommendations for learning coding

I wouldn’t mind learning computer languages and wondered if any one can recommend a good place to try for yourself. many courses free, many are university accredited

It really depends on what language and what for though on where is best.

You have the likes of which has been around for ever and teaches lots of different programming languages

I’d very very highly recommend the book “A Byte of Python”. It’s structured for complete beginners and is what I used back when I was first starting out

If you need any help w/ any of the topics just give me an @ here and I’m more than happy to explain in detail - I love seeing more people in tech

It’s free and online :slight_smile:

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There’s also codeacademy

Thanks for this. Giving it a go now.

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What would you like to learn one for? It can help to know that first so you know what language works best (i.e. apps, web, data analysis etc).

I’d also recommend for JavaScript at least as it is interactive (I think they have added more languages too). Python is so popular it’s easy to find resources. I learnt in a piecemeal way so nothing specific springs to mind but I have heard good things about “Learn Python the Hard Way”.

For Javascript, Eloquent Javascript is a great resource.

As for “Learn Python the Hard Way” @yams; the author, to put it politely. Incredibly stuck up his own arse, when discussing his products. His books also make things harder to learn than necessary, but some who’ve learnt that way do swear by it.

I personally couldn’t get along w/ it. A Byte of Python was a lot easier to comprehend.

Fair enough. I never used it, though the title did seem rather obnoxious. I actually started being taught some very basic C which taught me enough about logic and data types etc. that I managed to teach myself python, at least enough to learn the rest on the job.

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I read the book on C written by it’s founders and I still can’t C for shit lol

Good on you. I’m planning on reading Cracking the Coding Interview soon as well as Getting Things Done; my friend from UCL recommended them as someone who’s going to be working in this field

I’m not sure I remember anything and it was only some numerical stuff anyway. Between numpy/cython and numba I don’t think I’ll need to relearn it anytime soon, though I know people who still use Fortran by choice!

I use Pluralsight for work. I think you can get a 10 day free trial on a personal plan, but after that it’s about £24 / month. I guess it depends how much you plan on using it as to if it’s going to be worthwhile for you?

As for books, I have quite a few O’Reilly published ones for various languages, as I tend to find them pretty well structured.

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Sorry didn’t mean to make the title obnoxious. I was just looking for recommendations.

I think the poster meant the title of the book was obnoxious, not the thread. It was a good question.

That’s exactly what I meant… I was talking about “Learn Python the Hard Way”

I can’t recommend anything more than CS50x from Harvard university. The lectures are fun and engaging. I personally don’t think there is anything better for beginners.

For existing coders wanting to look into expanding and refining their skills, there is Treehouse.

Personally though, I’ve been having fun with Hack The Box during lockdown, though this isn’t really for coding.