Rejection of contactless on Google Pay over £45

In Morrisons, on AMEX.

Do I direct my rage at Morrisons, Google, or AMEX? Is this correct?

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I regularly use GPay at Morrisons for fuel, around £90 and in store around £70 and have not had any rejection. I’m using a virtual Revolut Mastercard so wonder if Amex could be the problem.

Could be this. Some banks and credit card providers set artificial limits on Apple Pay and Google Pay, or allow the user to set and control them.

May be worth checking with Amex to see if there is a max spend limit on individual Google pay transactions.

Can’t say I’ve ever experienced any limits with Credit, but first direct used to limit how much I could spend with Apple Pay.

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I doubt it. In the past week I’ve put a purchase through Amex via GPay for an amount a lot over £45.

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It’s Morrison’s fault, but it only affects Amex.

They haven’t configured their card readers and terminals properly, and therefore Amex contactless above the unauthenticated limit throws an error.

Essentially, Morrison’s don’t process Amex correctly and it’s a known issue, which hasn’t been fixed for a long time.


I’ve made large our bases with amex on gpay.
This will be a Morrisons issue

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I haven’t been able to use Amex on GPay at Asda ever. Even for under £45.

Always had to insert Amex card :man_shrugging:

No such issues at Aldi.

Definitely store specific.

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Yes, it’s a fairly widespread issue.

Most places accept Amex, but a significant number only accept it Chip & PIN. That’s no good in the age of coronavirus!