Reorganising the forum

OK, maybe this is an OCD thing…

The current fintech/traditional split in how we categorise posts is driving me nuts.
Should we be separating Monzo/Starling from Clydsedale/HSBC just because one is only on a phone? What happens if Mozo opens a branch network, or if Santander moves to Amazon Web Services?

Where do credit cards fit? Business accounts?

Any thoughts?

I don’t think their should be a split
They are all fintech to a degree, some just use tech from the 70’s.
Theyre all banks at the end of the day


Perhaps it might also be worth gauging how people use the site?

I mean, I literally only ever click the 3 bars, and then “Latest” - That is all I ever do - Ever.

I set it to automatically go to latest…

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Preferences > Interface > Default Home Page will be your friend. :wink:

When I visit I really only click on unread and latest.

As I try to read all the posts this is the best way for me.

I think the current organisation is fine. Credit cards fall under banking for me and therefore business credit cards would fall under fintech business

Edit… Although maybe something for investment would make a good standalone section

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How would that help when browsing the forum though?

I have the “latest” page as my bookmarked page when first going to it, but when dipping in and out of threads, I always go back to the 3 bars and “latest”?

Does your way allow me to just hit the “F” in the top left corner?

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Yup. It does.


Mine is set to latest, so I don’t pay any attention to what they are classed as.


Same here-always on latest


OK, so I’ve had a little mess around and put new categories in place.
The changes are:

  • All banks are now together
    No more segregation of the fintechs and the so-called traditional banks.

  • New credit card category
    Introduced to take care of discussion on credit and charge cards from Amex to Jaja and Tandem.

  • Removed the fintech talk category
    This has been retired as it didn’t really serve a purpose.

  • Posting to a category is now mandatory
    Trying to keep the community neat and tidy.

As most of you seem to come in via the latest page, my guess is that this change will hardly be noticed - but at least my OCD is satisfied. For now!


I was trying to create a new thread, but got a server error, so am posting it here, instad:

Can the date format be changed from the US abomination? This always confuses me:

How comes there are contributions from September 2016? I thought the forum only opened a few months ago.

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Done! I’ve never really had a problem with American date formats, but I understand why some would.

I’ve found the field where this date comes from and made the change.

I’m more concerned about the server error, however. You have any more info?


I’ve had some 504 errors lately

If the 504s were mid-morning yesterday, or around lunchtime on Friday then they were likely caused by updates and server reboots.

I tried to install an update on Friday from the UI and it didn’t go well. I didn’t have my laptop with me so had to revert.

I finally got round to the update from the command line yesterday morning.

504s usually happen when the webserver has come up but the forum software container is not yet ready.

This should be (in theory) resolved now. I’ll keep an eye out though.

@nanos was it a 504 you had?


Nope. Was a 500 when POSTing to

I have a .har file, if I can send it to you somehow?

My steps:

  1. Go to
  2. click “Create topic”
  3. Enter some text and paste an image
  4. click “Create topic”
  5. Got a 500 internal server error.

A 500 might suggest that I have failed to configure the webserver to correctly proxy the post onwards up the chain.

I had an error the other day early in the morning I think but the forum was accessible again pretty quickly.

could we maybe agree a format for app updates? For example one thread for iOS updates, and one thread for Android updates. Then each time an update is realised we just continue the thread


Not a bad shout.

I kinda started with that idea with the first change logs topics on day 1 of the forum,

I stopped posting there however, making it as useful as a chocolate fire guard.


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