Reorganising the forum

If you switch the theme to the Light theme, the font changes too, give that a go.

You’re not the first to have said this…
Have made a change. Any better?

I’m getting an internal error when trying to submit a new thread :thinking:

Potentially this is as a result of a change I made yesterday. I can’t replicate though.

Could you try again? Ta

Same issues :frowning:

Hmm. does this apply when posting to certain categories or across the board?

Let me try.

Edit - Seems to be for every category.

OK It’s something to do with permissions.
I can see the server error with a test user I just created.

It does not affect my normal account.

I’ll try to fix asap.


OK - Looks like a bug in the latest release of Discourse.
There’s an update available for it. If the forum disappears for a few minutes you’ll know why!


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Noooo! Not during lunch time :cry:

You’re safe - Turns out I’ve left my laptop at home.
Cant get onto the server without my key!

If anybody wants to create a new topic in the meantime, send me a post and I’ll create it for you.

Sorry for messing about!


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I’m getting an internal server error when trying to send a DM, which I assume is related to the posting issue?

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Yeah, sounds like.

OK- post them here and I will sort.

Sorry all!

Send them the DM on the Monzo forum - Everyone is on there anyway :joy:


That’s embarrassing!

Can anybody guess what my day job is?

Moderator of the entire internet?

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Don’t tell me you work for monzo’s social team?

You should now be able to create new topics.
Thanks for your patience.


I’ve resurrected the Starling threads for changes to their apps. I’ve also created similar ones for Monzo and Revolut.

It’s just a pity that the latest updates on all three are somewhat underwhelming.

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I’ve set it to 5. I’m not going to lie, it was pissing me off today too!