Reorganising the forum

Change the font or make it smaller, it’s not nice :slight_smile:

If you switch the theme to the Light theme, the font changes too, give that a go.

You’re not the first to have said this…
Have made a change. Any better?

I’m getting an internal error when trying to submit a new thread :thinking:

ahh light theme much better :slight_smile:

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Potentially this is as a result of a change I made yesterday. I can’t replicate though.

Could you try again? Ta

Same issues :frowning:

Hmm. does this apply when posting to certain categories or across the board?

Let me try.

Edit - Seems to be for every category.

OK It’s something to do with permissions.
I can see the server error with a test user I just created.

It does not affect my normal account.

I’ll try to fix asap.


OK - Looks like a bug in the latest release of Discourse.
There’s an update available for it. If the forum disappears for a few minutes you’ll know why!


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Noooo! Not during lunch time :cry:

You’re safe - Turns out I’ve left my laptop at home.
Cant get onto the server without my key!

If anybody wants to create a new topic in the meantime, send me a post and I’ll create it for you.

Sorry for messing about!


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I’m getting an internal server error when trying to send a DM, which I assume is related to the posting issue?

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Yeah, sounds like.

OK- post them here and I will sort.

Sorry all!

Send them the DM on the Monzo forum - Everyone is on there anyway :joy:


That’s embarrassing!

Can anybody guess what my day job is?

Moderator of the entire internet?

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Don’t tell me you work for monzo’s social team?

You should now be able to create new topics.
Thanks for your patience.