Replacement phone

(sam) #1

I’m hoping to replace my phone tomorrow, as this one is on its last legs. I’m probably going to get a OnePlus 6t. Are there any issues with them and starling? Has anyone got one?

(Dan Mullen) #2

Haven’t got one but it’s a damn fine phone - lots of bang for your buck!

(sam) #3

That’s what I thought. I’m currently on a pixel but will never buy another one as they have been absolutely useless with a warranty issue on my wife’s phone. They just refuse to respond now. Quite ridiculous

(Dan Mullen) #4

That’s surprising, they’ve always been fantastic with aftercare in my own experience. What’s up with your wife’s phone?


Yeah, they’ve been terrible with me too:

Had an issue with my WiFi, but because my screen had a hairline scratch that apparently invalidated the warranty…

(sam) #6

2 issues mainly

  1. It randomly makes the sound as.if the phone has been unplugged, even on silent, this means she has to turn it off completely at work. Still the same after factory reset.
  2. Battery problems. My phone has this exact iß well. The battery is lasting only about 2-3 hours of use for me. Or will randomly switch off at 60% then when you switch it back on it says 0. Then plug it in and after 5 minutes it says full.
  3. Also both have issues of WiFi being connected but not working.

Basically anything trickier than a factory reset and Google weren’t interested. So I’ve already warned 2 or 3 people in the family that were going to get pixel 3. Although there are better options for the price anyway.

(sam) #7

That’s why I haven’t bothers with mine. I’ve cracked it so they won’t cover the battery issue.

Annoying I paid more as they were really pushing the quality at the time and I thought it was worth it. Wish I hadn’t bothered. I almost decided to get an iPhone this time until I played with someone’s new one and remembered why I hated it so much

(Dan Mullen) #8

I have a Nationwide FlexPlus account. For £13 a month it covers all the mobile phones in the household, as well as the travel insurance and breakdown cover you get. Relied on the mobile cover several times, great service. Had my daughter’s iPhone(s) fixed 3 or 4 times and my wife’s phone fixed twice. Can’t recommend it enough.


I do too. But it still annoys me that Google tries to weasel out of their obligations…

(sam) #10

I have the £9.95 version from HSBC, it would cover the cracked screen but not the battery, plus I can’t be without a phone for the week that it’s sent away for.
I’ll probably get it repaired once the new one comes and sell it to Mazuma

(sam) #11

If anyone thinking of getting a one plus then do it, such a great phone


Their support is garbage and the updates can be trash, but it’s an alright phone

(sam) #13

So it’s alright for a piece of trash. :thinking:
What do you use out of interest?

(sam) #14

I’m really impressed so far. I’m using it all day and going to bed with at least 50% charge. Compared to my pixel, that was dying by 11am


OnePlus 5T
I’ll be switching to iPhone in September :wink:

(sam) #16

iPhone was my other option. I had a play with one and remembered why I hated it so much. They feel about 4-5 years behind


They feel pretty nice to me, especially now they have grouped notifications.