Residential telephone directory

One of my biggest gripes ever, residential telephone directories.

So this morning, a gentleman was delivering the latest area telephone directory to every single address in my street, it would seem whether the address had a telephone line installed or not.

Someone is paying for this garbage, most likely, everyone who has a telephone line installed at their home. Some like me have a telephone line installed which is never used at all for landline calls. I don’t even have a phone plugged into the master socket, it is there purely for the broadband only. I don’t have access to cable, so a telephone line is my only option other than 4g which I could run off my phone or a MiFi, but it isn’t reliable enough where I live.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I even thumbed through the pages of a residential telephone directory. I’m actually struggling to see the point of their existence. They are pure recycling fodder, through the door and once I’ve stripped the needless plastic wrapper, it goes straight in my green lidded bin. Every time I swap telephone provider for a better broadband deal, I always opt for ex-directory because I can’t see the point of publicly having a telephone number linked to my address for some mass marketing moron to abuse.

This morning though was a bit of a winner. I actually managed to open the door before the bloke delivering the directory was able to shove it through my letterbox. I politely told him to give it to someone else.

Why don’t the Government just take action to stop residential telephone directories from even being printed?

Equally why should the government do that? They have about a billion more important things to do than that.

I had always assumed that it was paid through the copious amounts of adverts contained in them.

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As usual, good points well presented.

But surely, the Greenhouse effects of producing quite literally millions of tonnes of paper directory garbage, isn’t helping the planet?

I agree though, the Government do have much more pressing matters to attend to, like installing a new Prime Minister…:rofl:

Phone book advertising was always very lucrative. Hense by there was BT’s Phone Book, the Yellow Pages (just businesses) and the Thompson directory at one time.

All three are pretty much on their arses these days - and rendered totally obsolete by the internet. But they are only going to print and distribute them while there is a buck to be made from them.

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They’re paid for by all the businesses that still advertise in them.
They’re gradually getting smaller as most people just Google for what they need.
It’s one of those things that will just die out organically, and definitely something the government should not interfere with.
I’m sure they use recycled paper and encourage them to be recycled too.

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Literally a drop in the ocean, think of all the newspapers and bank statements printed each day alone.
I’m not sure what you do for work but there’s always someone that will point out how your destroying the planet by doing it.

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I’m absolutely the worst kind of polluter, I’m a professional driver…I literally cannot wait for the day when all vehicles are battery driven, though I guess I’ll be quite an old man by then anyway.

Plus I’m a fairly frequent long haul flyer…I’m facepalming myself as I type this.

Old people.

As far as i’m aware they are only required to deliver to all addresses with a BT telephone line. If you don’t have a BT line, your phone line supplier has to supply a phone book (on request), but BT distribute the phone book to all addresses instead. Its just easier i guess.

Eventually the requirement to provide a directory listing will be removed, or changed so that a physical copy is no longer a thing. But people still use them, and there’s plenty of people who don’t use the internet for now.

My mum doesn’t use the Internet if I’m not about the phone book comes in handy.

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Well there will of course always be ‘old people’, I’m guessing what you mean by that though, is 20th Century old people.

I bet you anything, that most people with poor eyesight would even struggle to actually read someone’s private telephone number in a residential directory, the typeface is that bloody small! Magnifying glass needed.

I get it that there will still be people who refer to the telephone directory for adverts for services, not something I do personally because of the internet. But as for actually sitting down to find someone’s private telephone number, unless you’re in marketing, I doubt many people even bother to look.

Well it would seem I’m not the only one with an aversion to telephone directories. In the last hour, I’ve seen two of my neighbours return home to find said directories left on the doorstep (which is a bit odd because they’re pretty thin and can go through almost any letterbox), and they’ve done exactly what I would have done had I not stopped the delivery guy from leaving one on my own doorstep, they picked them up and dropped them straight into their recycling bins. I’m more annoyed that they didn’t remove the plastic wrapper!

:joy: you seem to be very concerned about that phone book (and watching your neighbours rather closely).

Maybe you should join @anon86154328 on his walk in the sun instead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol! You’re right, I am concerned about the bloody directories! I find them such a huge waste. I live in a Neighbourhood Watch area, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

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Gotta watch those directories lest they got stolen :joy:

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Clearly said directories are worth knack all, else some ‘tycoon’ would be nicking them to flog on the auction site!

Mind you, they make great fuel for the chimnea :joy:

Found myself a beer at the food festival as well. So far this walk is going well

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Off topic on my own topic :upside_down_face:

Are you actually in Southsea?..I know it well, I used to live in the area for a very long time…

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Far better than watching those directories I’m sure :smile:

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Yeah, I do

“It’s still Portsmouth”

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That’s a typical night scene outside of Jo’s to be honest. Still my fave nightclub of all time, sadly no longer with us…

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