Restaurants: Pay up front or afterwards?

Do you prefer to pay immediately (before eating) or later? :roll_eyes:

For example in a McDonald you pay before and you don’t have to wait for paying when you have finished your dinner.

I don’t pay, I run away.


Otherwise your forever awkwardly waiting for the bloody cheque!

Can you really call McD’s a restaurant?


“similar”… I wrote :wink:

I don’t mind either way. But it can be annoying when you’ve already paid but fancy another drink

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I prefer paying at the end as it allows you to evaluate the service and see if it’s worthy of leaving a quid

Also turns out if they screw your meal you can refuse to pay the full bill - which is p neat

You’re one of those? A quid :man_facepalming:


To be fair I don’t really think we should be subsidizing wages with tips

Also, what do you mean “one of those” I can’t name anyone in my town that would tip more than a quid on many occasions

In another country I’d tip based on % if the service was up to scratch, presuming it was cash and not card

Furthermore I really haven’t been to a place in the UK where the service warrants a tip, tbh

I totally agree. I don’t leave tips, its horrendous in countries where you have to leave a tip work out a percentage, and if you don’t you are frowned upon.

They get a wage, the wage should be decent, it won’t be decent because people tip.

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Speaking of which I made an iOS shortcut that calculates a tip for you in the local currency, if anyone wants it

Me pls :grin:

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Just to let you know though it won’t actually work in all the countries :joy::+1: because I couldn’t be bothered to look up currency codes for a bunch of them, as well as their maps registered names

I’ll add EU and other major nations support then post it in this thread

Do you have any preferred %’s?

It’s an incentive to provide a good service.
If the service is good I’ll top, if not I won’t, but if I do it will be more substantial that £1

They should get fired if they’re not providing a good service - not rely on me shoving $1 bills into their knickers like some cheap stripper

If they are no good at their job they shouldn’t be working there, I don’t pay for good service, I expect good service, after all, if the service is bad I won’t be going back. I shouldn’t pay to have good service.

It’s hypocritical to pay for good service in a restaurant, but not that nurse that nursed you, or that police officer that helped your mother, or the supermarket assistant that packed your bags. In the case of the supermarket worker, they get paid the same minimum wage as those in a restaurant a lot of the time, so the whole argument its low wage is totally biased and irrelevant.

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