Revolut Bank

Do you guys think switching location to Lithuania and then having that transition over to the European Bank subsidiary of Revolut Group would work?

Curious as it would probably give quicker access to credit products and obviously the immediate benefit of protection up to 100.000€

Aren’t the savings accounts UK only?

Constitute fraudulent behaviour and potentially grounds for deboarding you as a client of Revolut.

Deboarding? Is that a fancy term for “closing your account”?

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If so, shouldn’t it be “off-boarding”? :thinking:

It’s a very fancy term.

I would never do such a thing myself - I was just asking if it was a possbility

Yes but I honestly doubt they’d have a process to close them aha

To be fair, this is the same outfit who told my wife to use her ‘address in Poland’ (parents) to get a local account number.

Did she actually do it? If it means anything you can use Transferwise now to the same end result (meaning her parents can send her a transfer into Transferwise and she can top-up Revolut by card. no local number Revolut needed)

Changed the address to a region just for Maestro… you’ve done this before.

There’s a big difference between a very temporary address change due to my circumstances perhaps taking me to Germany and then them changing very suddenly :wink: vs switching to a country purely for a banking product and then switching back!

You should ask Revolut’s compliance team what they think about this.

Asking for forgiveness when I’m in trouble is typically my modus operandi rather than delibrately causing trouble for myself by asking for permission or by telling people things that will get me in trouble

I appreciate the concern though :slight_smile:

This attitude doesn’t swing well in a regulated environment, which the financial services sector is.

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How might that cause you trouble?

Does Revolut have Joint Accounts as Starling does?

No, they have basic personal accounts, basic business accounts, packaged variants of both of those and a junior account.

They will also let you share a vault with another user.

But they do not yet do joint accounts.

Given their track account, I’d be wary about impromptu revalidation checks. Irritating enough as a single account holder - imagine the palaver with a joint account…:flushed:


A bit scary:

you do have to consent to using payments with friends though??? it asks you about it when you set it up!

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A little. I never enable or utilise features like these that require additional access to private info on my phone. It’s rarely necessary either.

Although some will describe this as an exploit, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is actually the feature working the way it’s supposed to.

And as @Recchan just said, you have to consent, so there is no real privacy violation here in my opinion. I don’t like it though, and I hope they fix it.

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