Revolut beta access

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I take it this is closed for new applicants?

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I’m guessing it is. Just thought if I posted it here and linked to it, that it was better than posting it in the N26 partner conversation (thus continuing taking the conversation off topic)

Edit… I’m guessing my plan failed :grin:

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Agreed… and it’s possible in December I’ll swap N26 metal for Revolut metal but I may just go back to Starling on November 13th when my current time limit expires. I’m really impress with Revoluts beta app.

It would be nice if they offered actual IBANS (not shared ones) for other currencies but I assume that will also come in time

N26 Partners

same, but like, april next year :frowning: they hadn’t released this update!

it really is quite gorgeous as of the most recent update. i need to get them to give me iOS beta too though…

i agree.


Am I missing something? :eyes:


Have you seen it?


Nope! I’ve just asked chat for access to the beta, let’s see what they say.


It’s unlikely :joy: to say the least. I’ll post a picture because I’m so nice though!

Edit: I’d like if they removed top-ups and just got local details for all the currencies though tbh. They really need to beef their metal tier up too, to make it more attractive. Increase the price, but for the love of God make it better!


Ah nice, they got rid of the graph!

How else would I get beta access? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Try here


Graph is optional now* I personally dislike it! Especially now that they’ve moved topping up/exchanging to the main view.

I was really active on the forums and I kept pestering Andreas until he promised me it :joy: after I didn’t get it, I complained.

They gave me android beta access but I’m going to need to contact them for iOS soon, as I plan to be switching :wink:

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But if a clean up from me and your plan is back in track.


Apologies for going off topic!

@Recchan chat said to email beta@revolut email… So I did - let’s hope for a response

… though I’m not hoping for much.