Revolut forgetting they've already verified my ID

Anyone else had this?

Message in the app this afternoon asking me to upload my driving licence… Like I already did once when I signed up, and again when I added a business account.

Going to be a pain in the butt if they’re going to keep forgetting they already know their customer.


Amazing - when you ask Revolut to log a complaint they ask you to fill in a Survey Monkey form.

Survey Monkey is hardly an appropriate place to start keying in potentially sensitive info.


You’re reminding me of a similar situation last year when I found myself having, out of nowhere, to revalidate my ID, failing repeatedly to get that done, and all with me having a substantial sum in my account.

Frightened the living daylights out of me until finally I got cleared. It bothered me enough to disregard them - from here on in - as anything other than a short-term fx tool. No chance I’ll bank with them.

I just don’t trust their systems.


They seem very reluctant to log my complaint. On the tenth time of asking she’s suddenly gone off shift and I’m ‘looking for agent’.

Thankfully there’s not much in my account. If this was during the summer when I was using it to convert money for our wedding is have been livid.

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Ok, this took an unexpected turn.

They’re blaming… Brexit.

So this seems to be as a result of their contingency plans to move people to a Europe based entity in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Only they’re not communicating this properly and preventing you from using your account while we are still in the EU.


“…all our users are required to upload new documents…”

Jeez… what’s that about ?
Have they lost all the previous ones?

The assertion that the EU entity requires ID that is not a driving licence. It must be a passport or govt issued ID card.

So if you don’t travel the long and short of it is that you are no longer welcome to be a Revolut customer if you are from a country that does not issue ID cards.

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So if you’ve a passport you’re ok?

That’s my understanding.

I have a valid passport and I suppose I can supply it - but it’s not a document that people who don’t travel outside of the UK will likely want to shell out £90-odd quid to keep valid. They’re stuffed.

I think the way they’re going about it though is pretty shoddy.

The first I knew about this was when I went into the app to check an exchange rate. No notification or email… they only email you when they want you to sell their products to your mates.

The only suggestion that something’s wrong was the little box that usually tells you the ‘amazon is burning’ or ‘you can now budget in multiple currencies’ or ‘we are sorry our cards don’t currently work’. For me it now says “You still need to verify your identity”.

There’s no explanation as to why they need this and when you know that you have previously been verified you assume its a mistake. Because, you know, you have been verified already!

Making matters worse, it still lets me submit a copy of my driving licence, if I want to…

Their reasoning changes depending on who you speak to, the app screens don’t match what their blog post tells you they are enforcing. The whole thing is a mess.

They’re clearly making things up as they go along.

Could it be that they are moving from using the e-money licence to using a banking licence. Now if they are both issued in the UK there would be no problem, but the banking licence is not, so there could be a reason to have to re-verify to meet the terms of its banking licence.

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Yeah I think you’re right.

Problem for me is not that they’re doing it, it’s that their comms on the matter is atrocious.

I think the way to do it would be to send an email to affected customers and explain that in XX days they will require re-verification because they’re moving you to another entity. Then issue reminders.

Instead they’ve just quietly invalidated the verified ID status, when you ask what’s going on they dont seem to know, claiming I’ve never sent my ID in the first place, then slowly walking it back and eventually making vague references to ‘Brexit’. It’s a shambles.

A half-arsed implementation backed up with inadequate CS training.

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Couple of the customer service messages I received today.

When asked, they did confirm that I am still with the UK entity, not the Lithuanian one, so there is no legal block right now.

But again, I can still use their app to send a copy of my licence today. They don’t know what they are doing.

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Nope, contingency plan still an E-Money Institution.

Their banking licence isn’t operational yet on a pan-European basis.

It’s valid in the UK though. Which leads me back to my point, they could be planning to use the licence and getting things ready for it.

I’ve been told a lot of competing things by different people at Rev. The sensible conclusion is that they know about the same as we do, but…

It looks like their contingency is to use the Lithuanian eMoney licence that was granted at the same time as their banking licence.

The odd thing for me is that over the last few months we have gone within hours of the situation they claim to be trying to mitigate against without them taking any action. Meanwhile they are taking action now despite that scenario bring a couple of months off and less likely if you listen to the brains trust in charge… Something about an oven ready turkey.

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As a non UK user who signed up using a national ID card for verification I can confirm I am not being asked for any new documents or verification. I have to say I find the whole situation weird as even being from a country that issues a national ID card to everyone, a driver’s license can be used pretty much interchangeably except in situations that require a tax ID number or something else that is not present on a driver’s license

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New update to the Rev app today. They’re still allowing uploads of drivers licences that they won’t accept.

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:clown_face: indeed !

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I don’t have faith in Revolut I closed my account a while ago. @megamasteri would imagine you haven’t been asked as it looks like their targeting U.K. people due to brexit.

So as they were still permitting driver’s licence submissions in the newly released version of the app I decided, of sheer bloody-mindedness, it would be rude not to. The result?..

They do not know what they are doing. It’s scary just how inept the handling of this is.