Revolut "Gift"cards?


As seen in my local Wilco’s, I’m not sure if the £4.99 is just for the card or if £4.99 is included with it? (EDIT: it’s for the card alone with no credit.)

A glance at the back of the card seems to look as if it’s indeed a Revolut standard card… I may go back and grab one out of curiosity.

Also possibly way of @Recchan getting a Revolut VISA card finally?


That’s a super interesting idea. AML/KYC is going to be “fun” though …

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(Liam) #3

That’s a great idea.
I’ve previously bought one of the ‘vanilla’ pre-paid mastercards as a gift from there. Good to see that Revolut are offering the pre-paid card… but with an account attached that’s actually useful.

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Vanilla also charge horrendous fees, I’m not sure if any money is included for the £4.99 or if I’m purely buying the card?

I was too curious not to grab one btw. :rofl: Will set it up when I get home/leave the pub. :wink:

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Indeed (and as I expected) you are purchasing a physical VISA card that can be used with Revolut; inside is a VISA card that includes a full card number, expiry date and CVC. Zero credit is included with the purchase.

A name is not included, ie. no “cardholder” place holder and the card is fully contactless.

A message to “view your PIN” is shown after linking the new physical card; you cannot choose your own PIN, unless you change it later at an ATM.

Here’s the rest of the packaging in case anyone is interested:

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I really quite like this idea. And I think a physical card costs £5 through the app as well, so you aren’t loosing anything. But I do wonder if people will just pick up the card like this: Without any credit included I imagine it’s going to be quite a hard sale?

I might consider picking one up, though, as I’d quite like a “travel visa card” for the few cases that mastercard isn’t accepted abroad, and Revolut still don’t seem to be able to guarantee a visa card when you order a new card through the app (at least they couldn’t last time I asked a few months ago).


I’ll be going to my local Wilkos soon to pick up a visa :heart_eyes:

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I’ll be honest, as soon as I saw it I did immediately think of you. :wink:


Revolut are the first Fintech company to be offering gift cards, but there are many established names that do this and have done for years. So Revolut have to compete with them, which might be hard in the impulse market.


Are they actually gift cards though? I don’t see many people offering their friends a Revolut card. Perhaps I can see people buying them to get them last minute before a holiday, or as a spare card or as a visa since MC seems to be more popular. Not as a gift to a friend though.

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(Liam) #11

It’s not labelled very well.

Given how it’s packaged, I would imagine it would be sited next to all the various gift cards that you can now buy in most chain stores.

But if it’s not a giftcard then it should probably be labelled ‘Revolut Starter Pack’ or something.

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This just screams of dodgy dealings and burner phones.

I fully expect the next Jason Bourne movie to show him picking up a new “bank account and burner phone” alongside his mars bar at the kiosk in a London train station somewhere…


To be fair: Looking at the packaging in the original post, and before @thom_horne has posted his findings I never assumed there’d be any credit on the card. I thought “Surely, if there was credit on it, they’d shout at you from the packaging ‘£4.99 incl £4 credit’ or something like this.”

This! I can’t imagine this’ll help improve Revolut’s image of freezing accounts here, there, and everywhere …


Revolut just don’t seem to care.

They don’t appear to try and harbour any fuzzy feeling with their customer base - I don’t think they particularly care about loyalty (all assumptions based on what I’ve seen).

They seem to have the attitude of “it is what it is, and if you don’t like it - Sod off”.

I actually have no problem with that in general, and until something comes along which is better, I’ll still use them when I need (which is rare… very rare).


That depends on the person concerned, most big high street news agents and local shops sell both visa and mastercards, the post office does and so on, some people buy them as gift cards, some buy them before holidays and so on.

Most people head to the gift card section to buy a card, the fact it may be called a gift isn’t relevant. How many people buy Amazon gift cards for themselves, so technically its not used for its purpose of gifting but an easy way to do something.


Agreed. But

  1. I’m still wondering if it’ll be good for them in the long run.
  2. I also can’t imagine any banking regulator being too happy if a bank sells stuff that, to quote yourself “just screams of dodgy dealings and burner phones.”

I can name lots big banks that do, so not sure the relevance to that comment.

Virgin Bank do one under the Virgin Money brand
Bank of Ireland do one Branded Post Office Money Card
Barclays do one can’t remember who that is branded of the top of my head.


As far as I recall these are all pre-paid cards though, right?

The Revolut one is a gateway to a Revolut account, which should ultimately become a fully fledged current account. (and, yes, I’m aware they’ll do some further ID checks before actually opening the account.) To me that seems like a different level.


Imagine picking up a Barclays card at your local Wilko :joy:

I imagine it’ll only scream of dodginess to us in the FinTech sphere.

Most people will assume it’s a gift card (like an iTunes card).


Can I ask why you guys are saying it sounds dodgy? Revolut do the same checks and the card has to be linked to a Revolut account - it’s like any other bank that’ll print unnamed cards. There’s no risk from it not having a name on it!

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