Revolut in the news

(Liam) #1

Thought I’d set a general thread for Rev’s news coverage. They’re struggling at the moment.

This from tonight’s Eddie Mair show on LBC…


2 things.

  1. Excellent use of media in the thread! First time I’ve seen an audio integration.

  2. Does anyone else call it “Reva-LOOT” like the journalist in the clip?

I’ve always called it Reva-lut, like “sl…” well, you get the picture.

(Adrian) #3

Yes I do, I assumed that’s how it was pronounced?

(Dave) #4

Funnily enough I do. But I’ve never thought about it until you just mentioned it and now I am wondering why I don’t pronounce it like you do. Maybe I’ve heard someone say it on an advert or something.

(Liam) #5

I flip-flop between the two.


I feel I need to sip some tea with my pinky in the air and pronounce myself a Reva-loot customer… :joy:

( #7

Loot all the way with us grenouilles.

(Dan Mullen) #8

It’s definitely LOOT - surely it comes from “revolution”?

(Liam) #9

The journalist Eddie Mair is speaking to is from the FT. Wonder if we should be expecting another storm in the morning?

(Liam) #10

This from the i:

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #11

I thought that was how it’s pronounced

(Dan Mullen) #12

Yes, it is :smiley:


Me too.

(10 chars, etc)


I’m really sorry to tell you all… but you are all wrong.

Keep your cucumber sandwhiches and Granola, I’m taking my REVA - LUT elsewhere :triumph:

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #15

are you sure it’s not Reeva Lut :rofl: or even Reeva Loot

(Adrian) #16


It’s Revo-loot

It some of their videos it’s pronounced.


I really don’t like the whole “get us signups for an interview” though. Like, it makes no sense. I don’t even know 200 people, I’ve already had all my immediate friends sign up and I have about 10 :thinking: if not less

(Adrian) #19

I think that’s the problem really - if it was just ‘get your friends to sign up’ then that’s not so bad (but I still wouldn’t do it personally), but 200 people - you’re going to be doing some actual graft promoting the company there.

I don’t know how many applicants RevoLOOT put through to this stage, but if many of them make a decent dent in that 200 you can be looking at some decent free marketing there. Could potentially even be worth putting applicants through to that stage even if you have no intention of hiring them…


So part of the interview process is to get 200 people to sign up, that can’t be true surely! :open_mouth:

I really do worry about fintech at the moment…