Revolut in the news


That isn’t new and it is true. They have a branch in Barcelona that had it happen iirc and they got critised over it and just said “sorry you don’t like it but it’s not changing”


Times are changing, even if you don’t care about how you treat your employees, your clients and customers might.

You can lose contracts these days over this kind of thing because another company might have higher standards and won’t want to deal with you.


That’s not going to happen in this case. Revolut caused their partners to grow very quickly too, and they rely on Revolut as such.


I’ve never taken any interest in revolut but I hope they are the only ones who can do what they do in that case then.


It must be like a wolf of Wall Street type environment at revolut :joy:

(Dan Mullen) #26


Holy :poop: they are really losing it, aren’t they…

(Adrian) #28

They deserve to never work again for that sort of notification spam.

There’s a special place in hell for people who push that sort of crap out.

(Liam) #29

I’m actually astounded!

With the spotlight on Revolut’s human resources policies over the last couple of months, this shows a truly astonishing lack of self awareness.


Is that actually true, I know we are told that everything on social media is true, but do we know its true ?

(Liam) #31

Good point. Anybody else got this?


Very good point indeed.

I did not get it, but assumed that they’d target it towards frequent and/or recent users).

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I haven’t got it but then it’s been a few weeks since I did anything with my account


I got this a few weeks back, but just dismissed it. I think it’s a joke done in extremely poor taste.


I’m pretty sure it’s just a joke, to be honest. Revolut would fire staff that put it in or make sure they never put it in, if it weren’t a joke.

A support rep actually said the same thing to me a day or two ago :thinking: they’ve all been great with me though so they’ve all gotten 5*

(sam) #36

A pretty desperate attempt to get some likely poor trustpilot reviews

(Paul) #37

To be fair given how Revolut deal with customers and their view of “get shit done” (their words literally written on their wall at Revolut HQ.) I doubt they are that bothered about customer service reviews. So it probably is a joke just not a very good one though. :roll_eyes:


Yes. I believe you get it when you subscribe to one of their “premium” plans.

(Glen) #39

Doesn’t appear to be the case. I’ve been with Revolut for a week. On their “free/standard” card. I got this notification yesterday same wording.


Premium subscriber here :thinking: didn’t get anything when they gave me it free for 3 months :slight_smile: